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Vital Issue Sessions

A Revised C3 Framework: Taking First Amendment Rights Seriously While Studying Religion

Religious studies is now an eighth core discipline in the print and online versions of the C3 Framework. Panelists will discuss how to equip educators with the background and tools they need to protect the First Amendment rights of students and teachers when questions arise—often from parents—about religion in the classroom or broader school environment. Panelists will pay special attention to curricular and training resources available for teachers and administrators.

A Revised C3 Framework: Teaching with the New Religious Studies Supplement

Religious studies is now an eighth core discipline in the print and online versions of the C3 Framework. Panelists will discuss if and how the student learning indicators and disciplinary framework included in the new Religious Studies Supplement conform with the academic study of religion. Panelists will pay special attention to recommendations for integrating the frameworks and learning indicators in a variety of social studies classrooms, including history and civics.

Teaching for Social Justice in Today's Political Climate

How do we make, implement and defend curricular choices as we address current social justice issues in the classroom? How do we navigate divisive topics while giving voice to all our students? How do we design our lessons and selection of materials for engagement? Listen as a panel of seasoned teachers and educators discuss the challenges and best practices of history instruction with a social justice lens.

Teaching the C3 Framework, Part II: A Guide to Inquiry Based Instruction in the Social Studies

The newly published NCSS Bulletin, Teaching the C3 Framework, Part II, with chapters from 14 curriculum partners, is an instructional guide to using the C3 Framework and the Inquiry Design Model (IDM) in the social studies classroom. This panel will provide an overview of the inquiries in the Bulletin and descriptions of how their institutions are supporting inquiry in the classroom and the C3 Framework.

Participants are the C3 Curriculum Partners*: Smithsonian American History Museum, Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian, Facing History & Ourselves, St. Louis Federal Reserve, National Constitution Center, Ford’s Theater, Center for Economic Education and Entrepreneurship, National Geographic, Teaching Tolerance, Echoes and Reflections, Council for Economic Education, Digital Public Library of America, Sikh Coalition, Project Look Sharp

The Next Generation of Social Studies Assessments

Members of the Stanford History Education Group will discuss assessments of historical thinking that feature Library of Congress documents and tasks that assess how students evaluate online content about social and political issues.