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100th NCSS Annual Conference | Sessions | 2019

Trusted Election Resources for Turbulent Times

Fri Nov 22 2:05 pm to 3:00 pm
Room 10A Level 3
Exhibitor Session
In turbulent times, you can turn to trusted, reliable resources covering a variety of election themes: presidential campaigns, the party system, voting rights, media literacy, and current issues—all found on PBS LearningMedia. We'll take you through the newest Election Central collection, with videos, activities, and lesson plans from Frontline, American Experience, PBS NewsHour, KQED's Above the Noise, and many other sources. We'll also provide tips for integrating these resources into your curriculum.

Peter Paccone, San Marino High School, San Marino, CA; Carolyn Jacobs, WGBH Education/PBS LearningMedia, Boston, MA; Kristin Lehner, PBS Education, Arlington, VA