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100th NCSS Annual Conference | Sessions | 2019

Social Studies Simulation Games

Fri Nov 22 4:15 pm to 5:10 pm
Exhibit Hall 4 Classroom H
Exhibitor Session
Take a moment out of your conference schedule to check out Statecraft Simulations, the company that specializes in full course, self running, online social studies simulation games that leverage SEL, CTE, and AP standards to immerse students in mobile /chrome-book compatible simulation games for 5 to 15 weeks of the semester. Statecraft Simulations are used in over 300 universities, 70 high schools, and the United States Air Force. Our simulations are the most effective way to prepare students for end of course exams in a fun and engaging exercise that will have them excited to come to class and collaboratng with their classmates.

Joe Jaeger, Statecraft Simulations, Round Rock, TX