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Social Studies Education and Race, Part II: Critical Conversations in Teacher Education

Thu Nov 29 2:00 pm to 3:15 pm
Columbus EF, Ballroom Level, East Tower

Hillary Parkhouse, Virginia Commonwealth University

Social studies teacher educators who do race work: A racial-pedagogical-content-knowledge analysis


This qualitative interview study explores how eleven social studies teacher educators (SSTEs) incorporated race into their methods courses. Racial-Pedagogical-Content-Knowledge is used as an analytical framework in the study. Findings portray how the SSTEs developed counter-narrative content knowledge, modeled pedagogical content knowledge, and cultivated a working racial knowledge among pre-service teachers.
Sara Demoiny, Auburn University


Teaching about Racism through Counterstories of School Segregation


This paper presents findings from a larger action research in which the teacher educator/researcher modeled a series of lessons on doing race on social studies topics and explored its impact on elementary preservice teachers' emergent critical racial knowledge. The specific focus is on the intervention lesson on school segregation.
sohyun an, Kennesaw State University


Beyond colorblind?: Shifting conceptions of white social studies teacher identity.

Discussant:John Broome, University of Mary Washington

Is it possible for pre-service social studies teachers to transform their conceptions of race? This mixed-methods study focused on two white male pre-service social studies teachers and their increasing racial awareness and cultural competence as they grappled with issues of whiteness in a multicultural education class.
Dean Vesperman, Luther College; Jill Leet-Otley, Luther College; Jeannette Pillsbury, Luther College


They're dressed like regular people: Critical race film literacy in elementary teacher education


Authors explore their use of critical race film literacy in an elective elementary teacher education course. Findings indicate the necessity to support the development preservice teachers' sense of critical race film literacy, racial pedagogical content