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Roundtable #3: Teacher Reflections and Research on Social Studies Praxis

Thu Nov 29 2:00 pm to 3:15 pm
Grand Ballroom B, Ballroom Level, East Tower

Melissa Gibson, Marquette University College of Education

The Power of Moolelo: Narrative Portraits of Wise and Ambitious Social Studies Teachers


Through their own moolelo (story), this paper details five effective social studies teachers' beliefs and practices. These moolelo are used to illuminate the characteristics, beliefs, and pedagogical skills effective teachers used to expand the intellectual contours of social studies education in troubling times.
Jyoti Castillo, Washington Middle School/University of Hawai'i at Manoa


Beyond Theory Practice Gap: Dialogical Praxis and Critical Social Studies Teaching


We propose a dialogical teaching framework contextualizing how dialogue occurs within critical social studies teacher pedagogy. Participant teachers moved between what we term skills based dialogue, critical dialogue, and critically transformational dialogue to deconstruct normed interpretations of social alienation, incorporating, addressing and transforming race, power, and politics as praxis.
Kevin Magill, Baylor Univeristy; Brooke Blevins, Baylor Univeristy


Bringing Voices into the Rural Classroom: Rural Social Studies Teachers struggles to introduce diverse perspectives into their white rural classrooms


The study examines how two rural teachers in a conservative, white school district try to provide different perspectives to their students through classroom discussion. This case study profiles the teachers struggle to introduce different voices into their classrooms that challenge the typical student consensus.
Jason Williamson, University of Missouri


Using Video-Stimulated Recall to Understand The Contents of Ambitious History Teachers' Reflections

Discussant:Melissa Gibson, Marquette University College of Education

In this interpretive case study, the researcher examined the reflections of four ambitious history teachers in a high-poverty school district. The study found: The teachers reflected on the incl