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Roundtable #3: Teacher Beliefs and Teacher Perceptions

Thu Nov 29 3:30 pm to 4:45 pm
Grand Ballroom B, Ballroom Level, East Tower

Mark Kissling, Penn State University

Surveying Pennsylvania Social Studies Teachers About (Teaching) Environmental Issues


As the current U.S. presidential administration shows little-to-no concern about climate change and other major environmental issues, how are social studies teachers thinking and teaching about these issues? This paper presents the results of an online survey in October of 2017 of over 1200 public-school social studies teachers across Pennsylvania.
Mark Kissling, Penn State University; Jonathan Bell, Penn State University


The Relationship between Teachers' Beliefs about Migration and Their Attitudes towards Immigrant Students

Discussant:Mark Kissling, Penn State University

An analysis of a nationwide quantitative study of K-12 teachers (n=5190) reveals the strong relationship between beliefs about borders and migration and attitudes towards educational rights for marginalized immigrant students. This paper will outline the data behind this study and the possible implications for teachers and teacher educators.
William McCorkle, Clemson University; Sophia Rodriguez, University of North Carolina-Greensboro; Tim Monreal, University of South Carolina


Pre-Service Teachers' Perceptions about Master and Counter Narratives in the Curriculum


How do teachers utilize racial pedagogical content knowledge to manipulate benchmarks for the teaching of racial violence? This paper presents a study of history teachers use of RPCK to grapple with curricular standards.
Travis L. Seay, University of Florida