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Roundtable #3: Of and From: Religion and Social Studies Education

Thu Nov 29 10:30 am to 11:45 am
Grand Ballroom B, Ballroom Level, East Tower

Benjamin Jacobs, George Washington University

Teaching About Religion Within Early Childhood and Elementary Social Studies: Exploring how Preservice Teachers Perceive their Rights and Responsibilities as Educators


The purpose of this empirical study is to explore the extent to which preservice teachers understand their responsibilities for teaching religion. Findings suggest that preservice teachers have neither the confidence to teach religion nor a strong enough understanding of their constitutional rights to teach religion in a non-proselytizing manner.
Rory Tannebaum, Merrimack College


The Power of the Savior Mentality: When Christianity Becomes Normalized in Elementary School

Discussant:Benjamin Jacobs, George Washington University

Sixty preservice teachers responded to four prompts involving the intersection of religion and schooling at the personal, curricular, policy, and societal levels. Findings indicate that whether or not preservice teachers identify public school teaching as Christian-based missionary work, they tend to take on a savior mentality that parallels these beliefs.
Aaron Bodle, James Madison University; Elizabeth Bellows, Appalachian State University


Teaching Religion as a Part of the Social Studies: Teacher Subjectivity, School Structures and Superstructures


1) how do the subjectivities of a teacher contribute to the way he or she teaches about religion as a part of the social studies? And 2) what broader forces, both in the school setting in particular and society at large, influence teachers' pedagogical and curricular choices around this topic?
John Shekitka, Manhattanville College


Secondary Teacher Candidates' Experiences Teaching About Religion Within a History Curriculum


This qualitative, phenomenological study examined the experience of five secondary social studies teacher candidates as they taught about religion throughout a two-semester internship in a middle or high school, soc