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Roundtable #1: Global Perspectives on Teaching and Curriculum

Thu Nov 29 3:30 pm to 4:45 pm
Grand Ballroom B, Ballroom Level, East Tower

Crystal Anderson, Cabrini University

Teach or Not Teach: Teachers' Curricular-Instructional Decision Making of Controversial Public Issues

Discussant:Crystal Anderson, Cabrini University

This study is aimed at exploring how teachers' curricular-instructional making of teaching contemporary controversial public issues in Taiwan. Using a case study design, this study's findings illuminate that teachers' personal practical knowledgefamily background and teacher preparation--are important factors that influence teachers' decision making. In addition, teachers' curricular-instructional decisions reflects increased autonomy and authority of teachers.
Yu-Han Hung, University of Houston- Downton


Interrogating inequality: A transdisciplinary study of social studies curricula in two global cities


This comparative investigation draws on global citizenship education and curriculum studies to examine curriculum portrayals of inequality in Hong Kong and Singapore. Cross-analyses suggest curricula insufficiently prepare students to understand the global and systemic nature of inequality. We implicate findings to teacher education within the context of neoliberal education reforms.
Theresa Alviar-Martin, Kennesaw State University; Mark Baildon, National Institute of Education


Victims or Competitors: Korean Students' Competing Understandings of Migrants


This study investigates how ethnic Korean students perceive migrants by interviewing 21 adolescents. It shows parallels of the media discourse with students' discourse. Reflecting competing media discourses, half of the students relied on the humanitarian discourse, while another half showed the anti-multicultural discourse. School learning was the least meaningful source of information to Korean students.
Jiyoung Kang, Indiana University