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The Long Tail of the Inquiry Design Model

Thu Nov 29 9:00 am to 10:15 am
Columbus KL, Ballroom Level, East Tower

The Long Tail of the Inquiry Design Model


This session focuses on the Inquiry Design Model and the work that social studies colleagues are doing that elaborate and operationalize the IDM curricular approach: 1) critical theory as a lens for IDM development; 2) research on issues teachers face developing IDM inquiries; 3) educational outreach using IDM as the foundation for instructional materials.
Kathy Swan, University of Kentucky; John Lee, NC State; SG Grant, Binghamton University; Walter Parker, University of Washington; Ryan Crowley, University of Kentucy; LaGarrett King, University of Missouri; Journell Wayne, UNC-Greensboro; Adam Friedman, Wake Forest University; Emma Thacker, JMU; Fitchett Paul, UNC-Charlotte; Ed Schupman, National Museum of the American Indian