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Civic and Citizenship Education of a Different Hue: [Critical] Race Theories and Perspectives From Communities of Color

Wed Nov 28 2:30 pm to 3:45 pm
Columbus CD, Ballroom Level, East Tower

Delandrea Hall, The University of Texas at Austin

The Role of Civic Debt in Democratic Education

Discussant:Amanda Vickery, Arizona State University

This paper argues the civic empowerment gap, and gaps like it, is a manifestation of a larger civic debt that is partially rooted in the racial grammar of civic education. One way to address this debt is to reconsider what counts as powerful political knowledge in civic education.
Jane Lo, FSU


Would we be slave if we were alive back then? An Asian American Child's Navigation of US History


How do Asian American children make sense of US history? How do the master narratives of US history shape Asian American children's racial knowledge and civic identity? These questions are explored through an ethnographic study informed by critical race theory, AsianCrit, sociocultural approach to learning, and parent as researcher perspective.
sohyun an, Kennesaw State University


Rhetorics of Recognition and Erasure: Indigenous Citizenship and Sovereignty in U.S. Civics and Government Standards


In this paper, we detail the findings and implications of a national study of the specific inclusions and erasures of Indigenous citizenship and sovereignty within U.S. K-12 civics and government state-mandated standards. This study utilizes mixed methods and settler colonial theory to interrogate American settler narratives in civics education.
Sarah B Shear, Pennsylvania State University-Altoona; Leilani Sabzalian, University of Oregon; Jimmy Snyder, University of Oregon


What Better Tool Do I Have?: A Critical Race Theory Approach to Teaching Government


This narrative inquiry focuses on a Black social studies teacher who uses her American Government course to prepare Black students for the racism they will encounter. Findings indicate that while she structured her course using critical race theory concepts, she found herself on the receiving end of her colleagues' racism.