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The Fundamentals of Genocide and the Armenian Case

Thu Nov 16 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Host: The Genocide Education Project

Explore modern-era genocide through its prototype, the Armenian Genocide, while discovering Armenian-American culture, cuisine, and the community’s San Francisco landmarks. Taking place in the historic mansion of 19th century developer Frank Jordan, this clinic will also include a tour of the adjacent St. Gregory church, a replica of an ancient Armenian church, and an overview of the spiritual background of Armenians, the first people to adopt Christianity as a national religion in 301.

Clinic participants will enjoy a delicious Armenian luncheon, including a variety of traditional dishes. At the conclusion of the day’s workshop, educators will have the option of visiting Mt. Davidson Cross. Standing on the highest peak in San Francisco with a spectacular view of the city and bay, the 103-ft monument built in 1934, is a historic landmark and memorial to the Armenian Genocide and victims of all human rights abuses.

This clinic will introduce print, video, and web-based approaches to teaching about the persecution and extermination of Armenians during by the Ottoman Empire during WWI and how it became the archetype for subsequent genocides. An investigation into the history, structure, and stages of genocide will be incorporated into the day’s sessions, culminating in a discussion of genocide denial, its forms, long-term impacts, and ideas for lesson plans around this problem.

Sara Cohan, The Genocide Education Project, San Francisco, CA; Roxanne Makasdjian, The Genocide Education Project, San Francisco, CA;