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98th NCSS Annual Conference-Special Local Rates for Educators from Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Michigan

98th NCSS Annual Conference - 2018- Chicago

98th NCSS Annual Conference

November 30-December 2, 2018

Hyatt Regency Chicago
151 E. Wacker Drive
Chicago, IL


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Discounts for Groups of 4+

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All of Chicago's history, culture, and traditions will be on display at the 98th NCSS Annual Conference.  NCSS returns to the city for its first appearance in 15 years for the world's largest and most comprehensive social studies professional development conference.  Join more than 3,000 of your social studies colleagues to share the most current knowledge, ideas, research and expertise in social studies education, and experience all that Chicago has to offer.

The conference is your place to:

  • Learn from over 500 presentations by the leading social studies researchers and practitioners

  • Receive classroom-ready lessons
  • Interact with well-known speakers and educators
  • Discover the latest teaching products and services from more than 200 exhibitors

For every social studies educator, the 2018 NCSS Annual Conference is the place to be!

Discounted registration rates for teachers in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Michigan!

Individual Registration

or Download the Registration Form

Discounts for Groups of 4+

or Download the Group Registration Form

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Attention Illinois Educators

Illinois Professional Development Credit


NCSS has partnered with Eastern Illinois University to provide professional development credit to Illinois educators for the hours spent attending the 2018 NCSS Conference.  To apply, download the record of sessions attended and complete the evaluation form.  You can either turn them into the NCSS registration desk during the conference or send the completed forms to afterwards.

Inquiry as Engagement:  Connecting Across Differences

The 2018 NCSS Annual Conference will provide a unique opportunity for Illinois educators to participate in an Illinois-specific strand of programming.  The theme, “Inquiry as Engagement: Connecting Across Difference,” emphasizes the importance of how student inquiry, as defined by the Illinois Social Science Standards, can promote collaboration, communication and critical thinking to address vital issues facing this diverse state.  Sessions will highlight how deliberation, student voice and informed action can be leveraged to connect classrooms across cultural, geographic, and socio-economic differences to promote culturally responsive teaching that prepare students for college, career and civic life.

Friday, November 30, 2018 - 10:15am to 11:15am

Civic Data to Inform Student Action

To what extent does the civic empowerment gap exist in recent cohorts of Democracy Schools? Explore the connection between exposure to proven civic learning practices and civic engagement outcomes. Discuss ways to address issues of inequity in your school.

Civics in Action: Participatory Budgeting in the Classroom

Learn what participatory budgeting is, how it works in a classroom/school setting, and how it enriches civics curriculum with hands-on application. Receive specific examples from multiple schools that implemented participatory budgeting successfully in Chicago Public Schools and hear results from the initial pilot evaluation.

Deliberation and Controversies in the Classroom

Powerful social studies classrooms are rich with discussion and deliberation of controversial issues, but it takes practice to build a classroom where students feel safe, drive the discussion, and ensure equity of voice. Explore methods, consider relevant issues, and share best practices.

Inquiry in Elementary: A How-To Guide

Receive unit ideas, pictures, and practical strategies from the leader of the elementary team that wrote the Illinois Social Science standards who now implements these standards in her own first-grade classroom. Receive a how-to of inquiry for various grade levels and leave ready to start an inquiry-based unit the very next day.

Global Ed-Engage. Inspire. Empower.

Explore the global competencies and discover how your existing lessons already incorporate the 21st century skills of investigating the world, recognizing perspectives, communicating ideas and taking action.

Civic Engagement as a Core Principle of University/School Partnership

Examine a private university/public school partnership that seeks to support and sustain neighborhood public education. Understand how civic engagement is a core animating value of a partnership. Learn how students in a diverse school examine and act on critical social and political issues.

Taking Informed Action--Resources for Teachers

Informed action provides students an opportunity to apply classroom learning to real world problems. Learn how K-12 teachers employ this proven practice of civic education as an assessment that enhances learning and builds important social science and SEL competencies.

Friday, November 30, 2018 - 11:30am to 12:30pm

Elementary Inquiry to Engagement

Dive into the inquiry arc by developing questions and planning inquiries, and exploring techniques for evaluating and using sources and ways to take informed action in K-5 settings.

Building a Democratic Classroom Culture

Our classrooms are powerful communities with the potential to prepare young people to engage in our democracy by helping them develop civic competencies, but we need to construct learning environments where they can practice these skills. Receive resources and tools to start practicing democracy in your classroom daily.

How Administrators Can Support Social Studies Teachers

Inquiry as engagement can be daunting for educators in these politically polarized times. Learn how administrators can endeavor to support teachers in the proven practices of civic education to achieve student success and more equitable outcomes.

Reflective Democracy

Learn about the Center for Tech and Civic Life's Reflective Democracy work, which highlights the lack of representation of women and people of color in our government. See how these imbalances affect everything from legislation affecting schools to the self-image of students. Brainstorm ideas on how to combat these limiting factors in the classroom.

The STEAM and Social Studies of Current Events

Discover concepts in social studies and STEAM through current events. Master informational texts, news articles, podcasts, and graphic organizers to meet Illinois Social Science standards, Common Core, and the C3 Framework.
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