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The Library of Congress will award $5,000 for the first prize and $1,000 for the best high school project in this competition, which awards “citizen coders” for web-based projects that unleash legislative data.

Ask Me Anything: Advice from an AP US Government Teacher

AP Government teachers face unique challenges. How can I address controversial issues without losing my mind or getting fired? How can I help my students understand Supreme Court cases? What steps can I take to prepare for the upcoming AP U.S. Government curriculum redesign? How can I cover the entire AP curriculum while helping students who struggle? Should I become an AP Reader? An experienced AP U.S. and Government teacher will answer your questions and provide tips to manage your workload while maximizing student success.

Civic Capstones Can Save Social Studies

Civic Capstones provide students with the opportunity to use the C3 Framework and the Inquiry Design Model to become the citizens our nation needs. Learn how to build a capstone, how to use inquiry to empower students, and how this product provides a deeper meaning to students transitioning into their college, career, and civic lives.

Social Justice Education:World Cafe Discussion

Explore the practices of teaching for social justice in this interactive discussion designed to empower social justice teachers to initiate lessons and discussions about power, inequity, and civic engagement.

Engaging Congress: Play the Game, Learn the Facts

Play Engaging Congress, an app using game-based learning that explores basic principles of representative government. The game leads students through primary source documents, helping them learn how our government works.


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