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Middle Level Learning

Middle Level Learning May/June 2005

Wireless Fever! Gay Parents Do Exist:Letting the Rabbit Out of the Hat

Debra Chasnoff

Radio Days in the Classroom

Dan Schuchat

Design a Book: A Quest in Ancient Egypt

David Cooper

Bandwidth Problems ca. 1912: The Need for Federal Regulation

Middle Level Learning September 2006

Dramatic Narratives: Capturing the Human Side of World War II

Anita Perna Bohn and Penny Britton Kolloff

Ernie Pyle:The Foot Soldier’s Reporter

Sandra B. Oldendorf

Teenage Witnesses to the Holocaust (Book Review)

Tom Kolbe The Back Page: Censorship in Times of War

Middle Level Learning Jan/Feb 2000

Team Egypt! Integrating the Disciplines

Amanda W. Greenwald

Girls Can Be President: Generating Interest in Inclusive History


Besting Testing Hysteria: Reasonable Preparation for Standardized Tests

Sherry L. Field

Revolutionary Women: Portraits of Life in the Thirteen Colonies


Middle Level Learning May/June 2001

Lookout Point: Putting Conflict in the Curriculum

Tedd Levy

Letter to the Editor

Andrea S. Libresco

Tracking a Hurricane: A Mapping Exercise in Real Time

Donna Kay Mau

What’s in a Name? A Whirlwind Tour of the World

Steven S. Lapham

A Mighty Storm: Galveston, Texas, 1900

Steven S. Lapham

One Step at a Time: A Landmine Removal Initiative

Mark Hyman

Young Man Survives Hurricane!

Steven S. Lapham

Middle Level Learning September 2002

Lookout Point: Preparing Young People for Longer Lives in an Aging Society

Donna P. Couper and Fran Pratt

Visiting and Interviewing Older Adults: Service-Learning in the Sixth Grade

Alison Parker

Using Political Cartoons: An Activity for Students of Every Ability

Dwight C. Holliday and Janice A. Grskovic

Critical Thinking and Logical Argument

James A. Duplass and Dana L. Ziedler

Book Review: The Thanksgiving Visitor by Truman Capote

Lisa L. Owens

Middle Level Learning September 2004

Lookout Point: Teaching History in a Post-Industrial Age

Ann Bianchetti

Workin' on the Railroad: African American Labor History

Rebecca C. Maher

A Union of Railroad Workers Sets the Pace

A. Phillip Randolph Pullman Porter Museum

Laying Track Over the Sierra Nevada

U.S. National Park Service

Diary of a Railroad Construction Engineer

A. N. Ferguson

Train Schedules, Standardization, and The Day of Two Noons

Steven S. Lapham

Middle Level Learning January/February 2007

Venture Smith’s Autobiography and Runaway Ad: Enslavement in Early New York

Alan J. Singer

Classroom Debates Made Easy

Kathleen M. Doyle

King Coal: A Piece of Eastern Pennsylvania History

Jill M. Beccaris and Christine Woyshner

Coal: An Energy Source to be Reckoned With


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