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Meeting the Common Core for ELA, Part One: How does the C3 Framework Align to the Common Core?

Literacy for a Social Studies Purpose--Shared Responsibility for Literacy

"Why should teachers integrate literacy (using ELA CCSS) and social studies instruction (C3 Framework)?" Find out by viewing this webinar and then explore further how the full investigation can support you as teachers and learners to use disciplinary concepts, tools, and sources to communicate your conclusions to this question so that you can take informed action in planning and utilizing the C3 in your school and classroom.


As a result of participating in this investigation, you will:

  • Evaluate sources to develop claims and cite convincing evidence to explain the rationale for integrating social studies and ELA instruction 
  • Align the concepts and skills presented in the CCSS and C3 Framework to evaluate their commonalities and particularities 
  • Describe the instructional shifts resulting from the C3 Framework and analyze their presence in effective lesson planning/design and implementation


Tina Heafner
University of North Carolina Charlotte


Grade 6-12 teachers and school administrators



To explore the topics of this web seminar in greater depth, “follow” the C3 Literacy Collaborative on the Literacy in Learning Exchange to access the Investigation module associated with this and other C3LC webinars.


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