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After the Meeting: Follow Up

The meeting

Dress Appropriately

  • In the summer, the staffer dress code may sometimes be a bit more casual. However, for visitors, business attire is best.

Be timely

  • Plan to arrive 10 minutes before your meeting.
  • Plan to deliver your message during the first 10 minutes of your 15-minute meeting - right after brief small talk and building rapport.

Be flexible

Your Message

Have a focused “message” and stick to it.

Learn more about your legislators.

Who are your Senators?
Who represents your district in the House of Representatives (home and school)?​
What is their party affiliation?
What are their Committee assignments and do they hold a leadership position within the Senate or House of Representatives?

Higher Education Outlook

02/09/2018 - New Higher Education Funding Up for Grabs, by Michael Stratford with help from Caitlin Emma, Politico

FY2019 Federal Budget

02/12/2018 - By the Numbers: President Trump’s 10 Biggest Proposed Cuts to U.S. Education, Ranked. by Mark Keierleber, The 74

Always schedule an appointment in advance.

Remember that most Hill visits are brief (15-20 minutes) and often with staffers who are responsible for the issue.

1) Be Prepared
Review and rehearse the key points you want to make. If possible, learn member’s committee assignments.


Legislators are constantly being asked to make decisions; decisions on how to vote, who to support, and what causes to champion. Understanding a legislator's decision-making process can make a difference as a group seeks to influence the legislator toward their argument. Learn to think like a legislator by examining the 3 H's: Head, Heart, and Health.


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