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Exploring the Linkages Between Social Studies and the Social & Behavioral Sciences

In November 2016, NCSS Executive Director Larry Paska participated in a seminar on Teaching the Social and Behavioral Sciences (SBS) in K-12 Education: Past, Present, and Future. This seminar was coordinated by the National Research Council Division of Behavioral and Social Science and Education at the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine in Washington, DC.

The goal of this meeting was to understand contemporary efforts to teach social and behavioral science in K-12 education, and explore possibilities for supporting and collaborating in teaching the social behavioral sciences in the future. Leaders from various organizations - including the American Psychological Association, American Educational Research Association, American Anthropological Association, American Sociological Association, Achieve, Inc., NCSS and others - examined new data on the public perception of SBS in K-12, and presented on the current efforts and goals of five Social Behavioral Science disciplines—psychology, sociology, anthropology, political science, and economics – and possible linkages to the social studies and science curricula. The seminar concluded with a discussion of priorities within and across these SBS disciplines for supporting the teaching of SBS in the future.

Here is NCSS Executive Director Larry Paska presentation on SBS in Social Studies – The C3 Framework:

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