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Social Studies in the Every Student Succeeds Act: Where do we go from here? (Recorded Webinar)

What's in the new Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) for Social Studies? View this webinar to find out in greater detail the social studies provisions included in ESSA and what we need to do next to secure that funding and enable social studies educators to apply.

Once you receive additional information regarding the 2016 Appropriations timeline and asks, you will want to review the attached slides titled: "Making your Appropriations Requests Presentation Slides" in preparation for making your requests. Please focus on the process conveyed rather than any specific information provided about dates, amounts or configuration of the ask listed on those slides. Deadlines for appropriations outreach to your members of Congress will depend on deadlines still being determined by Congressional Offices. Our approach and specific ask amounts this year will be defined according to the context offered by this particular year's appropriations process and political climate.

To learn more about the authorization and appropriation processes, strategies for engaging with your Members of Congress, or, in general, the trajectory of NCSS advocacy efforts, please visit Again, please disregard any specifics about previous ask amounts or configurations.