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Gold and Silver Star Application


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Application Deadline:

September 13, 2019

It is our pleasure to give Gold and Silver Star Councils special recognition at the House of Delegates meeting each year.

Affiliated councils of National Council for the Social Studies meeting at least eight of the nine criteria listed below will be recognized as Gold Star Councils. Affiliated councils meeting seven of the nine listed criteria will be recognized as Silver Star Councils. 

Guidelines for meeting the criteria are provided below. Scroll down to complete your application and requirements. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Applications from non-affiliated councils will not be considered. If you have questions please contact To be eligible for this year's awards, your affiliated council must:


  1. Have democratic procedures for the election of officers.
  2. Have demonstrated professional activity, such as workshops, conferences, and, generally, programs that promote the social studies within their region.
  3. Have actively participated in at least two NCSS programs, such as:
    • membership brokering
    • submitting nominations for the Outstanding Social Studies Teacher of the Year.
    •  Disseminating information about awards and grants application opportunities to council members and encouraging them to apply.
    • Council Representatives attended the Summer Leadership Institute.
  4. Have actively participated in social studies legislative advocacy efforts at state and/or at federal level by doing at least two of the following:
    • responding to calls for legislative action sent out by NCSS;
    • disseminating calls for legislative action to council members;
    • developing and/or strengthening relationship with legislators at state and federal levels (through home state/district or DC visits, communications, etc.);
    • Appointing a legislative liaison within your council’s leadership structure to keep up with legislative actions at the state level and be NCSS’s main point of contact on Federal level advocacy efforts;
    • Developing a state council legislative advocacy plan.
  5. Have contributed to NCSS fundraising efforts, such as:
    • The First Timer Scholarship Fund for the NCSS Annual Conference
    • The Fund for the Advancement of Social Studies Education (FASSE)
    • The Christa McAuliffe “Reach for the Stars” Award Fund.
  6. Have 100% NCSS membership of council officers.
  7. Have a specific plan for increasing NCSS membership in their state and underrepresented groups in their council.
  8. Have shown an increase in the number of joint members.
  9. Submitted affiliation materials by deadline.