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NCSS/Affiliate Council Membership Programs

NCSS offers two programs to affiliate councils for increasing NCSS and affiliate memberships. 


Membership brokering applies to the recruitment of new members or former members when membership has lapsed for a full year.

How it works

  • An affiliate council recruits a new member for NCSS and collects the dues of the new member.
  • The council retains 50% dues and forwards the other 50% to NCSS.
  • If a council mistakenly "brokers" a membership for an individual who is already an active member of NCSS, NCSS will bill the council for the 50% share of the dues the council has retained.

Affiliate Council Responsibilities

  • Forward information on new member as it is received. 
  • Include name, address, and email for each new member. 
  • Complete the brokering form and return it to NCSS in a timely manner with 50% of dues
    PDF iconDownload BrokeringForm.pdf


Joint Dues

Joint dues allows NCSS members to pay dues for both NCSS and their local affiliate at the same time. Affiliate council members must have an NCSS membership in order for NCSS to collect council dues.

How it works

  • NCSS provides an option on renewal notices for members to pay dues for their state council. If they want to join/renew their state membership, they simply add that amount to their NCSS dues (See current NCSS dues here.)
  • NCSS then sends these dues to each affiliated council.

NCSS Responsibilities

  • Monthly, the NCSS Membership Department provides a list of members who have remitted state dues, with their contact information, to whomever has been designated by the affiliate.
  • Quarterly, the NCSS Accounting Department will mail a check for state dues collected with a list of members for those three months.

State Affiliate Council Responsibilities

  • Each affiliate council must provide NCSS with their current membership dues using the joint collection information form
    PDF iconDownload Joint Collection Program Information Form (pdf)
  • Councils are responsible for mailing all new members information about state council membership in a timely manner.
  • Councils are responsible for all refunds- no refunds are provided by NCSS.
  • Councils are responsible for inquiries regarding council activities.
  • Councils must provide a contact person for troubleshooting and communication (complete mailing address, business and home phone, and email address).
  • Council is responsible for checking their records to differentiate new and renewed members.
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