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Print Advertising Building

If you are not creating the ad, please pass this information on to
your graphics people. This will ensure your happiness with the
final results.

Do use CYMK colors only. These are the printer inks (Cyan, Yellow, Magenta and K represents Black).

Do make sure the ad size and bleed are correct. All NCSS publications use the same sized ads and bleed area. These sizes are included in the Advertising Specs.

Do use a resolution for photographic images of at least 300ppi (pixels per inch). Line art stays sharp at 1,200 ppi. EPS and TIFF are the best graphic formats to use.

Do include as much information as you can about the ad. All contact information and ad specifications should be contained in the official NCSS insertion order. Always use the NCSS insertion order form.

Do not use Microsoft Word or other MS products to create ads. We would accept them if they worked. They do not.

Do not use Web photos and artwork. They look good on the Web but do not work in print. Generally a jpeg or gif will be too small or blurry. Also Web art is in a color space called RGB (red green blue). When RGB is translated to print, it will look dull and some detail (gamut) can be lost.

Do not label ad material “NCSS AD.” Use your own name or your client’s name to label advertising material.

Do not be slow to ask for help. We are happy to assist you.