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World History

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Women Behaving Badly: Using Literature to Tell Her-story

Explore the writings of women throughout history using rich literature. Receive classroom-ready lessons and resources for secondary HSS courses, as well as cross-curricular literacy strategies.

Why Didn't They Just Leave? Jewish Emigration from Nazi Germany

Using resources from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, examine the challenges facing Jews fleeing Nazi Germany and explore connections to the plight of refugees today.
See Resources for this Session Why Didn't They Just Leave?

The New AP World History Exam: Teaching and Assessment

Through specific teaching and assessment strategies (and handouts), explore the historical thinking skills that are the foundation of the new 2017 AP World History exam.

Reimagining Ancient Rome: Lessons from the NEH Seminar in Rome

Explore visual and written primary sources for teaching rhetoric and power in Ancient Rome. Inspired by our summer studies, we brought the Eternal City back to our classrooms.

Global Historical Agency through Graphic Texts: Abina to Zahra's Paradise

With a focus on Trevor Getz's Abina and the Important Men, explore the myriad ways that graphic histories can introduce and reinforce student understanding of historical agency.

Do Ask, Do Tell: LGBTQ Roundtable

Are you questioning how to approach LGBTQ issues in your classroom? Do you have answers to the questions? Join this community discussion lead by leaders in LGBTQ education.

Cultivating Social Justice and Cultural Diversity in Harsh Climates

We do not live in a post-colonial era. Colonialism 1.0 has been upgraded to Colonialism 2.0. Explore the struggle to cultivate social justice and cultural diversity in harsh climates.

Create, Explore, and Engage: Using Hstry in the Classroom

Give students the power to bring historical content to life using HSTRY's free interactive timeline tool. Explore best practices of providing opportunities for students to show their mastery of content.

What in the World?

Learn about a thematic approach to teaching world history that will generate student excitement for global learning and promote the development of college readiness skills through embedded mini-research projects.
See Resources for this Session What in the World?


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