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World History

Do Ask, Do Tell: LGBTQ Roundtable

Are you questioning how to approach LGBTQ issues in your classroom? Do you have answers to the questions? Join this community discussion lead by leaders in LGBTQ education.

Cultivating Social Justice and Cultural Diversity in Harsh Climates

We do not live in a post-colonial era. Colonialism 1.0 has been upgraded to Colonialism 2.0. Explore the struggle to cultivate social justice and cultural diversity in harsh climates.

Create, Explore, and Engage: Using Hstry in the Classroom

Give students the power to bring historical content to life using HSTRY's free interactive timeline tool. Explore best practices of providing opportunities for students to show their mastery of content.

What in the World?

Learn about a thematic approach to teaching world history that will generate student excitement for global learning and promote the development of college readiness skills through embedded mini-research projects.
See Resources for this Session What in the World?

Were We Our Brothers' Keepers? Holocaust Collaboration and Complicity

Using resources from the United States Holocaust Museum exhibition, Some Were Neighbors, explore the spectrum of motives and pressures during the Holocaust that influenced individuals' choices.

Paideia Seminar: Nurturing Civic Spaces for Student Dialogue

If you like Socratic seminar, you will love Paideia seminar. Experience a Paideia seminar discussion and learn practical strategies for implementing seminars in your classroom.

Let's Build It: Using Minecraft in the Classroom

What people build can tell us a great deal about what they value. Use MinecraftEdu to help students interpret cultural landscapes as they research, design, and create.

How Do I Teach Them? SDAIE Methodologies in Rural Wisconsin

Explore the difficulties in teaching social studies methodologies for English Language Learners to preservice teachers at a racially homogenous university.

Difficult Films. Difficult Representations. Difficult Discussions. Challenging Social Studies.

Using critical media literacy, we explore how films can help students grapple with the conceptual and emotional challenges that difficult representations of others--marginalized individuals and groups--present.

Developing Formative Assessment for Global Historical Thinking

Employing research-based strategies, this presentation focuses on developing assessment plans to support discipline-based instruction and understanding in Global and World History classrooms.


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