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World History

The Power of Collaboration in World History

Learn how to integrate key elements of collaborative learning: empathy, communication, skill-building and problem-solving through the use of 3 units of study designed specifically for World History.

Exploring WWII: ArtiFACTS and Participants

Engage your students in WWII and expand their historical thinking skills with artifact and media based activities! Participants will receive primary sources and strategies to enhance their WWII units.

A Coherent Curriculum for the Teaching of Comparative World History

Details of a collaborative project to develop and implement more globalized world history curriculum for middle and high school, guided by the Alliance for Learning in World History.

Here!You're Louis XVI!:Simulations and Props to Engage Learners

Using momentary, short-term and unit-long simulations is an approach to teaching not something in a box! Props demand student attention! Expand ways to create a lively and thinking classroom environment!

A Fable, a Famine and a Finale: The Famine of 1315

Climate change is nothing new. This 2 day, ready-to-teach lesson students examine how Europe in the 1300's faced drastic climate change and how this change has affected our present.

Crates of Thunder: A Cross Disciplinary History Experience

This workshop will showcase a combination of oral history, theater, research and travel as a method for learning history, with a focus on the planes and Anglo-American relations of WWII.

Engagement and the Gamer Generation

Gladiators, Socializers, Achievers, and Explorers- Engaging all learners in a Gamified classroom

GLEEk out to History

GLEEk out to History marries rich and rigorous CCSS-aligned Social Studies instruction with learning to sing popular music whose lyrics have been adapted to recount major events in history.

Social Studies Model Curriculum

Fifty-five Missouri educators have developed a Model Curriculum in social studies, which includes the four major content areas of economics, geography, government, and history--both world and U.S. The major goal behind the units is to give districts models they can use when revising their social studies curriculum. This presentation will explain the process and components to the curriculum. The units are aligned with the Grade-Level and Course-Level Expectations and with the English Language Arts Literacy Standards for social studies. The units are being revised based on feedback from teachers who piloted them. The units can be used in their entirety or parts can be adapted to existing curriculum.

World War II - The Air War and the U.K.

Learn about the WWII air war in the U.K. and the Summer Residency program that has been developed for middle and high school teachers, hosted by the American Air Museum.


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