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World History

Asian and Abrahamic Religions, a Divine Encounter in America

How do eastern religions continually influence American society? This session provides teachers with an opportunity to determine how to share and discuss comparative beliefs and practices from seven religious traditions.

I Spy Exhibition Evening: Student Immersion in Historical Thinking

Young historians will increase critical thinking skills while engaged in historical discovery that culminates in an evening of student presentations. Learn how to challenge students and increase participation and results.

The Rainbow Revolution: Resistance to Apartheid in South Africa

With one of the most diverse revolutions in history, resistance to apartheid South Africa offers opportunities to learn about how people can effectively change a system of oppression and injustice.

Coffee, Tea and Archeology! Turkey's Long and Rich History

Examine historical sites in Turkey to teach timelines in this lesson-to-go. Students will be introduced to major civilizations and come to understand the importance of location.

Experiencing the History of the North American West through Literature

Combine literature and history to understand and compare Canadian and American western experiences. Same or different? Explore literature of Natives, immigrants, miners, and farmers through all genres. Materials provided.

Hitching to the Literacy Wagon: History and the Common Core

Find out how aligning to the National Common Core State Standards for Literacy in Social Studies can help move history instruction toward inquiry while improving disciplinary literacy.

Veterans Heritage Project: A Window to Connect Students and Veterans

Have your students open windows to the past interviewing veterans for permanent archiving with Veterans History Project. Veterans Heritage Project provides materials to open a chapter at your school!

Understanding the Eight Stages of Genocide

Explore ways to teach about genocide in an informed and compassionate manner using "The Eight Stages of Genocide," a document developed by world renowned genocide scholar, Gregory Stanton.

Life in an Auto-Factory: A Simulation for Grades 6-12

Play a worker, boss, or union organizer in this simulation of an auto factory. Learn to run the activity in your history or economics course. (Teaching materials provided.)

Facing the Other: Using Film to Explore Genocide and Reconciliation

In this interactive session, participants will explore innovative ways to pair award-winning documentary film "Coexist" about genocide and reconciliation in Rwanda with learning activities that develop social and global awareness.


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