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World History

Here! You're Louis XVI! Simulations and Props to Engage Learners

Using momentary, short-term and unit-long simulations is an approach to teaching not something in a box! Props demand student attention! Expand ways to create a lively and thinking classroom environment.

Excellent (and Free!) Resources for Teaching about the Middle East

Trying to enhance your teaching about the Middle East within your curriculum? Here's some assistance in finding reputable resources: lesson plans, films, background information, visuals, documents, class handouts, music.

Assessing World History Thinking and Inquiry: Embedded, Teacher-Developed Assessments

An exploration of embedded assessments from teacher-developed historical thinking lesson plans. Our discussion will focus on assessment development and classroom uses of assessment data.

Virgins, Wives, and Mothers: Teaching Religious Agency with Content Analysis

Session provides pedagogical insights on how content analysis serves as a method for advancing students' critical inquiry skills and promotes social responsibility by investigating curriculum materials, specifically on religious agency.

GLEEk out to History

GLEEk out to History marries rich and rigorous Common Core-aligned social studies instruction with learning to sing popular music whose lyrics have been adapted to recount major events in history.

Pulling the Curtain Aside: Raising Student Awareness of the (Re-)Constructed Past through “The Historian’s Lab”

Learn how to guide student learning about history in an immersive and experiential way. “Historical learning through apprenticeship” will demonstrate activities crafted to promote historical inquiry and interactive dialogue between students and the historian.

Stories from the Bamboo Groves: Vietnam in Children's Literature

Discover children's literature and resources set in Vietnam to support global citizenship, increase social responsibility, and support the C3 Framework. Presenters will share practical activities, lessons and handouts.

Getting Graphic: Using Graphic Novels to Teach about Human Rights

The presentation focuses on strategies for teaching through a critical social justice lens with graphic novels. These strategies promote classroom human rights discussion while meeting the C3 Framework literacy standards.

The Holocaust Institute for Teacher Educators as a Framework for Effective Professional Development in Teacher Education

As the nation’s leader in the documentation, study, and interpretation of Holocaust history, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum provides a professional development framework for reaching teacher educators. Explore their professional development program through the experiences of its participants.

Let's Put Our Heads Together: Medieval Muslim-Christian-Jewish Exchanges

Most great medieval advancements came from an exchange of ideas across cultures and confessions. Islamic Spain and medieval Baghdad serve as the focus for this talk and the accompanying lesson.


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