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World History

RTI Assessment in First Grade Social Studies

Our approach to RTI with literacy and social studies in diverse first grade classrooms included the use of the classroom teacher, interventionists and college level teacher candidates.

“Internet of Antiquity”: The Silk Road in World History

Before the information superhighway, there was the Eurasian superhighway. Get your students excited about this ancient conduit of commerce, culture, and creeds! Lessons developed with Yo-Yo Ma’s Silk Road Project.

Real World, Virtual World: Using Games to Teach History

Games can support student engagement, personalized learning, skill development, and powerful enduring understandings. Come learn how to evaluate educational games and how to apply these games to teaching world history.

Utilizing the Past to Inspire Ethical Global Leadership for Tomorrow

Can teachers use the past to inspire ethical global leadership for tomorrow? This workshop will demonstrate how to implement project-based learning and make world history relevant to the 21st century.

Bringing Social Studies Curriculum Design into the 21st Century

World History social studies instruction and curriculum design that bridges the gap between traditional instruction and modern expectations of diverse literacies and extensive conceptual understanding of the past.

Consuming Violence: Ancient Rome, the NFL, and "The Hunger Games"

Participants will engage in interdisciplinary, classroom-tested activities that examine the consumption of violence in Ancient Rome, the NFL, and The Hunger Games, thus complicating sports-based American identities and civic pride.

“Four American Presidents and One Berlin Wall”: TOP’s Got Standards!!!

Top's Lesson from Germany in Focus-Instructional Strategies highlights: content and literacy standards, focus questions, primary sources, collaborative learning, and engaging student resources! Plus.. complimentary curriculum materials! Study tour applications!

The Multiplayer Classroom: Gateway to Playful, Purposeful, Passionate Social Studies

Imagine students engaged in a multiplayer world, with XP, quests, mobs, and guilds. Ignite students’ passion for your class and social studies content. Come play along and learn how.

Mandela’s iPod: Music's Role in Ending Apartheid in South Africa

Music played an invaluable role in the struggle for freedom in South Africa, galvanizing support around the world and serving to inspire and unify people to keep hope alive.

Broaden Your Horizons: International Travel Opportunities for Global Perspectives

Global educators foster globally competitive students. Session features a short documentary and an introduction to a study tour program that allows American teachers to immerse themselves in Turkey’s rich culture.


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