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World History

Islamic Achievements: An Exploration through Primary Sources

Learn to use primary sources from the World Digital Library; teach students how to analyze and explore written and visual works from the golden age of Islamic achievement.

Teaching with Primary Sources: A Window into World History

History comes alive with primary sources, which offer a close-up view into the past. This session presents thematic sets of Library of Congress materials, selected for world history classrooms.

You Say You Want a Revolution? Imagine Concept-Based History Teaching

How does learning about the past go beyond chronology? Join us for a concept-learning approach to a global recurrence: revolutions. Learn how creating historical generalizations makes history unforgettable.

Supporting Student Literacy Needs Using Assessment and Research-Based Strategies

Participants will examine, align, and identify student literacy needs based on assessment data in order to provide the most appropriate and effective instructional strategies for reading in the Social Studies.

History Mysteries: Students Become Historians Using Cold Case Crimes

This session introduces the Great Unsolved Mysteries in Canadian History, featuring extensive online resources: primary sources, teachers' guides, lesson plans with sound pedagogy and Webquests for developing critical thinking skills.

Raiders of the Lost Arts: Meeting National Core Literacy Standards

Imagine students devouring history: reading documents, taking notes, intense huddled-discussions. Participants will create standard-aligned, hands-on lessons and leave with ancient artifact replicas and strategies to engage low socioeconomic students.

Using Multiple Texts to Teach Middle School World History

We will present a lesson for middle school world history to demonstrate instruction using multiple texts, cross text analysis, and the development of evidence-based claims by students.

Walking History: Developing Field Trips for Historical Thinking

This poster presentation focuses on developing field trips using the Benchmarks of Historical Thinking. I will share my development of a field trip and activities for pre-service student teachers.

Evolution of Global Interdependence in the Indian Ocean

Global interdependence has been developing for over a millennium. This session explores the concept of interdependence and traces goods traded around the Indian Ocean that led to today's globalization.

Teaching Afghan History and Culture with Primary Sources

Primary Source and the Asia Society present an interactive session for middle and secondary teachers. Participants will explore a variety of content-rich primary sources for teaching Afghan history and culture.


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