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World History

Poster Session-History Repeats Itself in the Classroom Too: Hands-On Examples

Learning is best facilitated when students build from the familiar. Discover how to take advantage of this. This presentation will provide unique, hands-on examples for implementing the Common Core Standards.

Poster Session-Global Perspectives on History: The Slave Trade

This session will examine global perspectives on teaching the slave trade by examining sources from Ugandan, U.S. and U.K. curricula and materials.

Poster Session-Don't Lose the Forest between the Trees: Balancing Source Selection

Primary sources take many forms, and provide rich, varied perspectives on historical events. Learn how to build the best selection for a given event, maintaining balance between story and narrative.

Poster Session-"Who ARE These People?" Facilitating Cultural Understanding through Historical Inquiry

How do the practices and products of different groups reveal cultural values? Introducing students to historical methods enables them to formulate pertinent questions, conduct independent research, and communicate their findings.

Poster Session-Using Museum Objects to Make Global Connections in History

This session will explore the incorporation of art into history lessons and the “card-sorting” strategy for making global connections. Handouts will be provided.

Poster Session-Using the Accounts of Marco Polo, Ibn Batuta and Xuanzang to Teach World History

Using the writings of these travelers allows teachers to teach both historical topics and the Common Core Standards associated with reading.

Tackling the Common Core through Integrating History and Literature

Explore how an integrated World Literature/World History class incorporates reading, writing, and critical thinking prevalent in the Common Core Standards. Leave with a sample unit that blends history and literature.

NCSS Notable Trade Books Committee Author Talk

Have a conversation with Notables Booklist authors Cynthia Grady, Sheri Sinykin, and the Pinkneys. Each will talk about their work, how it relates to social studies, and answer questions.

Humanizing History: Firsthand Accounts and Primary Sources in Teaching Genocide

This session values the human stories of genocide by providing educators with ideas, resources, and examples of using firsthand accounts and primary sources to teach about genocide.

Was ___ War Justifiable: A Student-Driven Investigation

A student-centered, adaptable unit that includes teaching strategies to help students learn more about their own, individual values while using skills related to research and the Common Core standards.


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