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World History

Poster Session-Enhance Literacy Skills and Engage Students through Journaling

Journaling engages students, enhances writing and reading skills, and also challenges students to prepare for, critically think on, and respond to the daily teaching goals.

Poster Session-Victim or Villain: What’s Perspective Got to Do with It?

How do some Japanese view World War II and some Southerners view the Civil War? Explore these questions and the role of perspective, memory, and memorials in world history.

Poster Session-Sport as a Political Tool in a Globalized World

Sport has become an effective political tool for peace and nation building. As the popularity of sport continues to grow, it serves as a common denominator between different cultures.

Poster Session-Providing a Gateway to World History through Global Connections

This session will provide educators with a lesson idea that will engage students in recognizing their own role and history in the shaping of the modern world through global connections.

Poster Session-Identity, Colonization, Revolution and Globalization: Interdisciplinary and Thematic World History!

Thematic based units within an interdisciplinary World History and World Literature class provide marginalized students with a relevant and thought provoking curriculum intended to strengthen minds with critical thinking.

Poster Session-Using Historiography to Address the Common Core Standards

This presentation will demonstrate instructional techniques and activities rooted in historiographical techniques for the purpose of engaging students in meaningful critical thinking that addresses the Common Core Standards.

Poster Session-The Campaign to Save World History in Ohio’s High Schools

The presenters will discuss the legislative changes in Ohio that have downgraded World History to an elective course, and advocacy efforts underway to save and strengthen social studies.

Poster Session-History Repeats Itself in the Classroom Too: Hands-On Examples

Learning is best facilitated when students build from the familiar. Discover how to take advantage of this. This presentation will provide unique, hands-on examples for implementing the Common Core Standards.

Poster Session-Global Perspectives on History: The Slave Trade

This session will examine global perspectives on teaching the slave trade by examining sources from Ugandan, U.S. and U.K. curricula and materials.

Poster Session-Don't Lose the Forest between the Trees: Balancing Source Selection

Primary sources take many forms, and provide rich, varied perspectives on historical events. Learn how to build the best selection for a given event, maintaining balance between story and narrative.


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