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World History

Coexist: Can There Be Reconciliation after Genocide?

Using award-winning film and curriculum on post-genocide Rwanda, this presentation demonstrates how to motivate students to think critically about colonialism and genocide while caring about how they treat one another.

Poster Session-Using the “Force” and “One Ring” in Social Studies Class

Using the themes presented in the “Star Wars and “The Lord of the Rings” films, educators can assist students in understanding historical and religious topics presented in history class.

Poster Session-How the Nazis Convinced Germans to Fall in Line Willingly

The Book Thief, one of the Common Core Exemplar Texts for 9-10th grade, can be used to explore how Nazi propaganda convinced German citizens to willingly support their regime.

Poster Session-Students Educating for Equity in a Diverse Society (SEEDS)

SEEDS engages students in action-oriented research of a political, economic, or social global crisis of interest to them, and offers opportunities share this knowledge with their peers, school, and community.

Poster Session-Amandla! Using Music and Film to Study the Anti-Apartheid Movement

Successfully use music and film clips along with primary documents to help students gain a deeper understanding of the anti-Apartheid movement in South Africa. Classroom resources provided.

Poster Session-Designing Social Studies: Design Thinking for Units and Projects

The use of Design Thinking strategies allows for students to critically engage in the curriculum through experiencing new ways of engagement. Sample units, projects, and assessments will be available

Poster Session-Contested Memories of the Holocaust

Auschwitz-Birkenau has become synonymous with the atrocities of the Holocaust. Yet as the symbol of victimhood, it has become the center of contested memory between Jews and Poles.

Poster Session-Enhance Literacy Skills and Engage Students through Journaling

Journaling engages students, enhances writing and reading skills, and also challenges students to prepare for, critically think on, and respond to the daily teaching goals.

Poster Session-Victim or Villain: What’s Perspective Got to Do with It?

How do some Japanese view World War II and some Southerners view the Civil War? Explore these questions and the role of perspective, memory, and memorials in world history.

Poster Session-Sport as a Political Tool in a Globalized World

Sport has become an effective political tool for peace and nation building. As the popularity of sport continues to grow, it serves as a common denominator between different cultures.


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