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World History

Teaching the Arab-Israeli Conflict and Peace Process

Get tools and tips for teaching major historical developments, including previous successes and current issues to be negotiated in the peace process. Participants will experience student activities. Resource packet provided.

Totalitarianism: The Reality Versus the Myth

This session will give teachers the tools to effectively facilitate students in understanding "totalitarianism". Participants will be engage with a multi-media project and leave ready to teach the topic.

A Modern-Day Student's Search in an Ancient Society

Care to turn the "So what?" student opinion to history on its head? This session offers strategies and resources to make ancient history an investigative, "Now what?" search for answers.

Stranded Island Assignment: How Students Create and Maintain Societal Constructs

Students were asked to develop social constructs on a simulated stranded island. The students compared and contrasted historical events, and establish a personal connection to the past.

1250-1600: Doing World History through a Global World Fair Window

Transform your classroom into a Global World's Fair, Renaissance style! This holistic approach incorporates historical inquiry, technology, and student collaboration into one hands-on, cohesive project. Classroom-ready materials provided.

USC Shoah Foundation and Using Testimony to Teach about Rwanda

Presenters from the USC Shoah Foundation will share a variety of resources and lessons to teach about the history of the Rwandan genocide through the testimony of survivors.

History Alive! Making World Connections

Join TCI to discover engaging strategies for teaching secondary students world history and contemporary world studies. You'll learn concrete ways to connect students to concepts and important issues.

Creating Digital Documentaries for the Social Studies Classroom

This session explores the power of using student-generated digital documentaries to explore the world history curriculum in an authentic, transformative way.

When Canada Said No: Anatomy of an Event

The MS ST. Louis tragedy represents a dark chapter in Canadian and American immigration history. This session will use several powerful strategies for analyzing this and other historical events.

Stressed Out Trying to Make History Fun? Come Get Ideas!

Get ready-to-go U.S. and World History lesson plans, and learn progressive ways to motivate students through hands-on approaches using simulations, new technology and great website resources.


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