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World History

Teaching Historical Thinking with Time Travel, ChronoZoom, and Common Core

Explore ways to get students thinking like historians using ChronoZoom, an interactive and digital timeline. Learn to integrate a time travel narrative and drive engagement in student-centered history projects. Attendees will receive curriculum guides aligned to Common Core Standards for middle and high school.

Transcending Traditional Timelines: Using Technology to Contextualize World Religions and Philosophies

An AP World History class teamed with Microsoft to create interactive timelines of World Religions using One Note notebooks and a dynamic tool called ChronoZoom. Learn how to create an inquiry-based collaborative project that integrates technology, creativity and historical thinking skills.

Big History: Notes from the Field

Learn about the Big History Project's problem-based, blended learning course in "big history" for high school students. The course begins with the Big Bang and ends with a unit on the future. BHP students encounter major ideas in science and history to investigate some of our biggest and most essential questions.

Tactics of Resistance: Life Lessons from Jews Who Fought Back

Transform stereotypes and inspire your students with the little-known history of Jewish armed and unarmed resistance during the Holocaust. Includes free curriculum, slideshow and DVDs.

Perspective and Power: Teaching Ethnocentrism and Modern Western Conquest

Receive a complete unit with two simulations that improves students’ communication, critical thinking, and analysis skills with ready-made lessons on Western and non-Western perspectives regarding “civilization,” conquest, and ethics.

Professional Development in World History: The Alliance Project

The Alliance Project created a professional development curriculum for teaching world history from a global perspective in secondary schools. The curriculum and materials will be shared and modeled with participants.

Coexist: Can There Be Reconciliation after Genocide?

Using award-winning film and curriculum on post-genocide Rwanda, this presentation demonstrates how to motivate students to think critically about colonialism and genocide while caring about how they treat one another.

Poster Session-Using the “Force” and “One Ring” in Social Studies Class

Using the themes presented in the “Star Wars and “The Lord of the Rings” films, educators can assist students in understanding historical and religious topics presented in history class.

Poster Session-How the Nazis Convinced Germans to Fall in Line Willingly

The Book Thief, one of the Common Core Exemplar Texts for 9-10th grade, can be used to explore how Nazi propaganda convinced German citizens to willingly support their regime.

Poster Session-Students Educating for Equity in a Diverse Society (SEEDS)

SEEDS engages students in action-oriented research of a political, economic, or social global crisis of interest to them, and offers opportunities share this knowledge with their peers, school, and community.


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