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US History

The Digital Vaults

A recently launched National Archives online exhibit is a creative teaching tool that features 1,200 specially chosen documents, artifacts, sound recordings, and much more.
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An Interview with Author Firoozeh Dumas

Firoozeh Dumas discusses growing up as an Iranian in America with NCSS President Michael Yell.
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Explore the Past to Understand the Present and Shape the Future

The featured lesson places students in the role of decision makers as they explore four distinct alternatives for 21st century U.S. foreign policy and then consider their own views.

The Civil War Battle That Helped Create a State

What makes an event worthy of the history textbooks? In this lesson, students study a little-known Civil War battle to broaden their understanding of historical significance.
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Abraham Lincoln: American Lawyer-President

Teaching Activity by Tiffany Willey
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Child's Letter to President John F. Kennedy about Physical Fitness

The featured letter from a nine-year-old boy to JFK will highlight the need to promote physical fitness in our schools, and can ignite class discussions of issues such as federalism, Title IX, and the overall health of Americans.
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Trend Alert: A History Teachers Guide to Using Podcasts in the Classroom

Podcasts may be useful in the classroom, but teachers need to consider the instructional purpose andcontext within which they areused.

Using Digital History to Investigate Desegregation and Massive Resistance in Norfolk Public Schools

A new digital library chronicles the integration of all-white public schools in Virginia and offers students the opportunity to read related oral histories, editorial arguments, and legal decisions.
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Making Connections: Using Online Discussion Forums to Engage Students in Historical Inquiry

Communicating in an online forum advances student reasoning and decision making while enabling teachers to interact more effectively with students and the curriculum.

Teaching with Documents, and Documents, and More Documents: The National Archives Digital Partnerships

A new National Archives partnership has made thousands of additional federal records available online free of charge.
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