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US History

Humanities and the Social Studies: Studying the Civil War through the Third Space

Blurring the boundaries between disciplines can yield notable results, as was demonstrated when an eighth-grade class approached history through literary activities.
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The Great Communicator Files

Students will learn a great deal about the process of presidential speechwriting when they study primary documents related to well-known speeches such as President Reagan's Omaha Beach Memorial Remarks.

Puritan Day: A Social Science Simulation

Eighth-grade students gain a greater understanding of social control and tyranny when they participate in a Puritan Day simulation.
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1889 Consular Dispatch from Baghdad

The featured document from the first U.S. consul in Baghdad serves as an excellent point of departure for studying the nineteenth century links between the United States and the Middle East.
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Lessons from History: Defining Moments in the American Presidency and Foreign Policy

A close look at two critical presidential moments of the twentieth century will help students grasp the significance of foreign policy in an election contest.
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Teaching Historical Analysis and Thinking Using the Internet

The websites highlighted in this column offer lesson plans, activities, and resources for teaching students to analyze the past and make better decisions about the future.

Letter from a Young Boy Following the PanayIncident

The featured 1937 letter from a Japanese primary school student apologizing for the sinking of the USS Panay by Japanese aircraft provides an entry into the study of U.S.-Japanese relations before World War II.
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Frederick Douglass Changed My Mind about the Constitution

Like Frederick Douglass, this historian had originally viewed the Constitution as pro-slavery. Yet a close look at Douglass's writings revealed a Constitution that empowered the federal government to abolish slavery.
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Was the Constitution Pro-Slavery? The Changing views of Frederick Douglas

Images of Struggle and Triumph: Using Picture Books to Teach about the Civil Rights Movement in the Secondary Classroom

Picture books often address complex topics and can provide a visually arresting approach for teaching secondary as well as special needs students.
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