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US History

What Caused the Great Depression?

A review of the three major schools of thought on the causes of the Great Depression provides deeper understanding of both the history of the Depression and basic principles of economics.
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The Founding Entrepreneurs: America's Prosperity

The entrepreneurs who spurred America's exceptional development offer students a model of what can be accomplished when individuals identify problems and seek productive solutions.
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Why Did the Colonists Fight When They Were Safe, Prosperous, and Free?

When historical events are framed as mysteries, students gain fresh insights into U.S. history topics, including the American Revolution.
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The Course of the Republic: American Responses to Technology in the Nineteenth Century

This overview with teaching activities on the Lowell textile mill and Ralph Waldo Emerson offers creative approaches to studying the political and technological changes of the nineteenth century.
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Listen Up: Studying the American Labor Movement Through Oral Histories

A growing collection of digitized oral history interviews on topics such as labor, civil rights, and women's issues, allows students to hear firsthand about the experiences of individuals during critical periods in American history.
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For Kids, By Kids: Our City Podcast

Young people eagerly plan, research, write, and edit a podcast that tells the history of their city when they know that this creation will have an authentic listening audience.
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The Presidential Timeline of the 20th Century

This interactive website with digitized resources from 12 presidential libraries offers students a close-up look at key moments of a president's term.
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Letter by Stephen Decatur and Painting by Thomas Chambers Related to the War of 1812

This article pairs a textual document with a painting of the related 1812 sea battle, underscoring the value of visual images in fostering new insights about historic events, people, and ideas.
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A School-Wide Effort for Learning History via a Time Capsule

As an elementary school prepared to move to a larger building, the entire community joined together to create a time capsule for their counterparts of the future.

Constitution in Action

Students take on the roles of archivists and researchers when they study primary documents at the Constitution in Action Lab.


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