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Understanding Sacrifice: U.S. Soldiers in World War II

“Understanding Sacrifice: An ABMC Education Program about World War II in Northern Europe” is a free online collection of classroom activities related to World War II, found online at Created by 18 teachers from around the world, each activity was made by researching the life of one fallen American hero from that war who is buried in an American Battle Monuments Commission (ABMC) cemetery in Europe. There are activities for science, art, and history.

Labor Union History & Impact Today

How do labor unions work? What impact have they had on the course of history, particularly in the United States? As the American Federation of Teachers celebrates its 100th anniversary, "Share My Lesson" has curated a collection of lesson plans, activities and resources to help explore the role of labor unions with K-12 students. Take a look at how labor unions strive to address fairness in the workplace. Help students explore some of the social justice issues they have fought for.

Forgotten Ellis Island

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PBS/ Boston Film & Video Productions
This is the first film (and companion book) to be produced about the immigrant hospital on Ellis Island. Opened in 1902, the hospital grew to 22 medical buildings that sprawled across two islands adjacent to Ellis Island, the largest port of entry in the United States. Massive and modern, the hospital was America's first line of defense against contagious,

Friday, July 1, 2016 to Saturday, July 30, 2016

History Matters: An Institutional Approach Examination of the U.S. Constitution

Studying the evolution of the Constitution can help young people appreciate how choices made by their ancestors continue to impact our economy today.
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Comparing International Textbooks to Develop Historical Thinking

This lesson plan offers students the opportunity to compare how American and Vietnamese textbooks portray specific events of the Vietnam War.

Using Music to Teach about the Great Depression

Students will gain new perspectives on the socio-economic circumstances of the Great Depression through an analysis of song lyrics of the time.
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Ford: Not a Lincoln but a Hayes? A Lesson in History and Political Science

What makes a president successful? This article evaluates the presidency of Gerald Ford in the light of four theories by political scientists on presidential performance, highlighting one of them.
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Eyewitness Account of Dr. Robert King Stone, President Lincoln's Family Physician

Teaching Activities by Lee Ann Potter
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Lesson The U.S. Constitution: Rules of the Game National Council on Economic Education

Lesson Whatdunnit? The Great Depression Mystery

This simulation activity offers clues to why the American economy went from unprecedented prosperity in the 1920s to unprecedented misery in the 1930s.
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