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US History

The Runaway Slave Project: How to Make Purposeful Research the Heart of the US History Classroom

Learn how students can engage in hands on historical research, build technology and presentation skills, and collaborate with their peers as they work with runaway slave advertisements.

The Enslaved in Colonial America

How do you humanize slavery? This learning experience will change how you and your students view the enslaved at Washington's Mt. Vernon. All lesson resources will be available for participants.
See Resources for this Session The Enslaved in Colonial America

Teaching Asian American History through Children's Literature

Asian Americans are the most invisible group in American history texts and curriculum. This presentation will provide an overview of major periods in Asian American history and accompanying children's literature.

Teaching Academics to Generation Z Students through Music and the Performing Arts

Learn about and come away with tested activities and strategies that use music and art as a supplementary curriculum to engage and teach today's generation of multi-media learners.

Take the Journey: Gateway to Civic Learning and Pluralism

Learn how the rich educational resources of the Journey Through Hallowed Ground National Heritage Area can promote the pluralistic breadth and depth of American history through various strategies and techniques.

Synthesizing the isms in AP US History

The synthesis of terms like mercantilism, capitalism, nativism, imperialism, communism and other isms can provide all teachers a way to enhance their teaching of AP US History.

Reenacting the Great Depression across the Curriculum

History comes alive and is more relevant when reenacted across the curriculum. Students explore history using English, math, and home economics to enhance the historical events being studied.

Not Your Father's Lesson Plan: Game-Based Learning

Learn strategies for grades 9-12 teachers to promote inquiry within their classrooms by constructing role-playing history games.

I Cannot Tell a Lie, There Was No Cherry Tree: Using Historical Myths to Engage Students

How do you hook students from day one? Tell them what they've learned is wrong. Get lessons on how to identify myths in American history, while covertly teaching inquiry skills.

Hollywood, History, and The C3 Framework: Using Film in Inquiry-Based Lessons

Explore instructional strategies for grades 6-12 teachers that incorporate the C3 Framework through an analysis of film and historical documents.


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