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“Life in a Jar”: A National History Day Project that Touched the World

--Norman Conard
After learning about a Polish woman who saved 2,500 Jewish children during World War II, students in Kansas created a play for National History Day that is still being performed today, more than 10 years later.

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National History Day: Student Historians

--Ann Claunch
When students are challenged by National History Day to probe into history’s unanswered questions, they sometimes become the first to provide the answers.

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Students Preserve an Emancipation Site with Archaeological Technology

--Paul LaRue
High school students in Ohio combine study with experience as they unearth and clean artifacts in order to re-create the history of an early settlement of emancipated slaves.

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Teaching Presidential Impeachment

--Jean A. Luckowsi and James J. Lopach
An issues-centered approach to impeachment can help students to both appreciate the wisdom of our constitutional framework and understand why such strong differences over how to interpret the Constitution emerged in the recent debate over impeaching President Clinton.

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The Meaning of Memory: Establishing the Martin Luther King, Jr., Holiday

--Mira Cohen
Some memorable days in our nation’s history are declared holidays, while others are considered days of remembrance. This article explores the process of establishing a holiday to commemorate Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Using YouTube to Teach Presidential Election Propaganda: Twelve Representative Videos

--Wayne Journell
Teachers can use this selection of campaign ads to help students analyze various aspects of political propaganda.

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Bridge to the Future: Franklin Roosevelt’s Speech at the Dedication of the Triborough Bridge (Teaching with Documents)

--David L. Rosenbaum
The featured document from FDR’s speech inaugurating the Triborough Bridge provides an entry point for the study of New Deal programs and discussion of the government’s role in planning, funding, and creating infrastructure.

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The Other September 11: Teaching about the 1973 Overthrow of Chilean President Salvador Allende

--Katy Benedetto, Alexandra Lamb, and Robert Cohen
With the help of primary sources, teachers can give students the opportunity to reflect on the complexity and contradictions of U.S foreign policy by introducing them to Chile’s September 11.

Letter to the Senate Banking Committee about Wall Street Reform Legislation during the New Deal (Teaching with Documents)

--Christine Blackerby
The featured document on federal aid for school lunches and the accompanying essay on the School Lunch Act provide students with a unique chance to study the role of government.

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