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US History

Not Your Father's Lesson Plan: Game-Based Learning

Learn strategies for grades 9-12 teachers to promote inquiry within their classrooms by constructing role-playing history games.

I Cannot Tell a Lie, There Was No Cherry Tree: Using Historical Myths to Engage Students

How do you hook students from day one? Tell them what they've learned is wrong. Get lessons on how to identify myths in American history, while covertly teaching inquiry skills.

Hollywood, History, and The C3 Framework: Using Film in Inquiry-Based Lessons

Explore instructional strategies for grades 6-12 teachers that incorporate the C3 Framework through an analysis of film and historical documents.

History of Sports in America: A Real Class!

Do you love sports? Want to teach a fun elective? Walk away from this session with a fun idea for a class sure to get students ready to learn.

Freedom to Explore in an Ever Changing World

Freedom to explore ... allow students to be their own detectives. Use fun inquiry strategies that guide students to find their own answers using digital sources and technology in a changing world.

Examining a Historic Truth and Reconciliation Commission in the U.S.: Can Teachers Change Attitudes and Discourse about Native Peoples?

Discover how to teach the story of the unprecedented Truth and Reconciliation Commission on forced removal of Native children with a new documentary and its teaching resources, including a free film and curriculum.

Beyond Superheroes: Using Graphic Novels as Serious Texts for History and Biography

Know kids love graphic novels, but not sure how to use them in class? Come learn where to find them, but more importantly, how to use them with students.

"The Wind Blows from the South Today": Crossing into Canadian Freedom

Participating in the Underground Railroad as a runaway or as an abolitionist was an act of civil disobedience. Find out what happened when they reached Canada.

Vietnam: To Teach a Nation

The 50-year anniversary of the Vietnam conflict is here. We as educators and Vietnam Veterans have a story entitled The Vietnam Experience. We would like to share this experience.

SAMR & TPACK: Does Theory Work in an Actual Social Studies Classroom?

Do the popular SAMR and TPACK technology theories stand up in the real-world? We put them to the test in a year-long technology integration into two social studies classrooms.


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