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US History

Inquiring Minds Want to Know

Your students want to be good writers. What's more, their writing should construct meaning, not create stress. Teach them the not-so-secret formula and make inquiry learning meaningful.

How to Conduct Inquiry-Based Oral History from the Student Perspective

Learn best practices for engaging students in their community through oral history. Students, teachers, and interviewees share experiences and takeaways from this inquiry-based project.

Exploring American Identity through Podcasting the American Experience

Get the multimedia tools and inquiry-based lessons necessary to help students record and produce podcasts investigating how the American identity has evolved. Please bring your laptop.

Eliminating None of the Above: Creating Assessments in a C3 World

How can assessments push instruction to meet the demands of the C3 Framework and Common Core? Explore how DC teachers tackled this issue and learn to create questions for your own assessments.

Document-Based Learning: Outside Advanced Placement and Inside Student Minds

Explore affordances and constraints of Document-Based Learning approaches in secondary history classes through analysis of relevant research and findings from a small study on student feedback.

Do You Know What Your Students Know? Moving beyond Assessments

Learn about using formative assessments in the social studies classroom. Receive several examples to assess what students know, which then drives your instructional practices.

Approaches to Teaching Privilege in Elementary and Middle School Classrooms

Learn easy and adaptable approaches to teaching privilege and discrimination. Support student explorations into complex issues of social justice through simulations, Dr. Seuss, media literacy, and text-to-history connections through primary sources.

A Hands-On Guide to Teaching with a Multidisciplinary Mindset

How do we create global problem-solvers? We must teach with an interdisciplinary mindset. Receive the necessary tools to get started creating an interdisciplinary unit.

World War II: Three Countries' Perspectives

Acquire the necessary tools to engage your students in a journey to uncover the biases involved with the teaching of World War II.

Visual Literacy: Creating Historical Infographics

Create visually literate big picture thinkers. Learn how your students can answer the compelling questions of social studies by evaluating data and text to create historical infographics.


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