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U.S. History

More than a Song and Dance: The 1920's through Culture

Two lesson plans focus on the 1920's using culture. First is an Advanced Placement lesson on gender and culture and second, a pre-AP level lesson focusing on an overview of culture.

Teaching the Kennedy Assassination and its Legacy: Primary Source Lessons

Connect with the education department of The Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas to learn strategies for weaving the Museum’s collection of historic photographs, documents, films and oral histories into engaging teaching tools. Learn how to access the materials shown during the living history presentation and related primary-source lesson plans on the JFK assassination and its legacy.

Passport to Danger and Diplomacy: Fact, Fiction, and International Intrigue

Explore the world of foreign affairs and learn how to combine fiction, memoirs, and primary sources to enhance learning in this unique, interactive session. Exclusive resources and lessons for participants.

“ . . . under God” Examining the Historic Change to the Pledge

The Pledge of Allegiance is over 150 years old, but “under God” has only been included since 1954. Come investigate the events and context behind this historic change.

Museum Crawl: Examining Texts while Thinking Like a Historian

Instead of simply looking at a lot of old stuff, turn any museum visit into a means of examining a variety of texts to stimulate inquiry and historical thinking.

Getting History Write: Common Core Strategies for Your Classroom

How do you get your students to write about history without falling flat or plagiarizing? Learn the strategies you need using primary sources.

Inside My New Interactive Notebook: Linking CCSS and Digital Literacy

Replace drab, uninspired student notebooks with technology-blended interactive notebooks. Engage students in manipulating information about social studies standards using several types of writing and innovative graphic techniques. Ready-to-use resources provided.

History as Biostory through Children’s Literature

The presentation will focus on strategies for teaching biographical information about historical figures through children’s literature. Five strategies will be described and modeled. Resources will be provided for the strategies.

Effective or Fake Integration: Developing Powerful Social Studies/ Writing Lessons!

Participants will examine effective integration of Social Studies and Common Core Standards. Strategies for improving teacher candidates’ abilities to create effective integration will be shared. Participants will receive example lessons.

Building Future Leaders through Filmmaking: History, Film and Citizenship at

Through the Young Citizens video program, students in Canada explore history, learn new skills and make connections throughout the country. Discover how your students can reach new heights through filmmaking.


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