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U.S. History

Putting the Story Into U.S. History

Students gain a deeper understanding of U.S. History through the Story. Learn ways to infuse the ELA standards throughout your curriculum with primary sources and historical literacy tools and strategies.

Five Fierce Fabulous Formative Assessments for any History Classroom

Come learn some new formative assessments that help your students think critically, synthesize information and make your classroom interactive.

Play to Learn with Ripped Apart: A Civil War Mystery

Assume the role of a Smithsonian intern to solve puzzles, find clues, decipher documents, and explore cartes de visite photographs with this free learning game from the Smithsonian.

Teaching Civil Rights Using Primary Sources

Examine unique primary sources and discuss teaching strategies related to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 co-facilitated by education experts from Teaching Tolerance and the Library of Congress.

Create, Explore, Engage: Using Primary Sources with Young Learners

Turn boring Library of Congress images into interactive learning experiences for young learners using only an iPad! Get ready to captivate students with the 5 E's lesson plan format.

American History from an American Indian Perspective

How do American Indians view President Jackson and Jefferson? How did they view American Indians? Examine memorialization, and discuss how we interpret history including on-site study of the Jackson memorial.

Not Your Grandma's Museum: Digital Collections in the Classroom

Museum collections are dynamic resources for social studies classrooms, but can feel overwhelming. Learn where to find and how to use digital museum resources to enhance pedagogy and content instruction.

Latinos and the Vietnam War: Patriotism and Protest

Using the film On Two Fronts: Latinos & Vietnam, explore the rich history of Latino military service and the Chicano movement's protests against a war that defined a generation.

Hunting the Hun! Multimedia Approach to America Entering WWI

Participate in a ready-to-go lesson that draws students into the year 1917 and America's abandonment of isolationism to join the Great War using media from the time period.

To Citizenship and Beyond: Historical Case Studies

Explore attributes of Global Citizenship. Learn to incorporate a variety of texts like primary sources and games to identify and evaluate acts of historical figures. Four case studies presented.


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