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U.S. History

The Struggle Is Real: Celebrating Women's Rights

This lesson celebrates human rights throughout US history, focusing on women's rights. It contains a mix of technology, political cartoons, and informational text to trace the struggle of women's suffrage.

Teaching Tolerance through the Buncombe County Slave Deeds

The presenters will outline a community wide project, recently featured in Teaching Tolerance, that uses recently discovered slave deeds as a way to foster social justice education in the classroom.

A Comprehensive Look at Teaching Social Studies to Exceptional Learners

The upcoming NCSS Bulletin on teaching social studies to exceptional learners, is a practitioners guide addressing how to create inclusive social studies classrooms. Meet the authors as they share resources and insights.

Designing History Professional Development: Lessons from the TAH Grant Program

This presentation provides participants with guidance relating to the designing and implementation of history education professional development. The presenters will offer tips for conducting professional development programs across pre-K-16 grades.

Commemorating Controversy: Vietnam War's 50th Anniversary in the Classroom

How can teachers commemorate the legacy of a war in which America lost? Ideas will be introduced for incorporating the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War in the classroom.

But the Textbook Said...: Bringing Multiple Perspectives to Elementary Classrooms

Learn to implement two disciplinary literacy strategies: DBQs and OUTs. These strategies promote historical thinking, critical questioning, and inquiry through primary sources and multiple perspectives.

Student-Driven C3: Teaching Students to Ask Rich Questions

Questions are integral to the C3 Framework and democracies rely on an inquisitive citizenry. Join us to learn three moves that have shifted students from answerers to questioners.

The Interview that Gets You the Social Studies Job

An NCSS perennial returns! Two NCSS past presidents and former high school administrators conduct a reality show: they ask audience volunteers to answer questions they actually used to hire teachers.

Video Games in the Social Studies: Teaching and Assessment Strategies

Games are a staple in the adolescent learner's social diet. Instructors can draw on video game-based content and gaming grading systems to enhance student engagement and comprehension in social studies.

Young Children Write about the Here and Now: Powerful Historical Literacy

Inspire and scaffold historical literacy by engaging youngsters in inquiry-based learning. Learning history about the here and now through familiar people, places, and events, children research and write about history.


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