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U.S. History

Political Cartoons: Propaganda, Perspectives, and Purpose

Political cartoons are historically and politically rich primary sources which engage even young students in understanding author's purpose, perspective, and persuasion. Routine use enhance historical content and interdisciplinary literacy.

Thinking Critically and Creatively: Art and Social Studies Integration

This presentation offers teaching strategies for promoting inquiry and engaging students in critical and creative thinking through the integration of art and social studies content. Teacher resources will be shared.

Social Media in Social Studies: Engaging Students in their World

Examine ways you can use social media to engage students in historical thinking and inquiry. Learn to distinguish between forms and spaces, and leave with tools for your classroom.

Student-Driven C3: Teaching Students to Ask Rich Questions

Questions are integral to the C3 Framework and democracies rely on an inquisitive citizenry. Join us to learn three moves that have shifted students from answerers to questioners.

Powerful Social Studies and C3: Scaffolding Preservice Teachers' Pedagogical Skills

C3's inquiry arc provides powerful teaching opportunities for new teachers. This session will demonstrate how to scaffold C3's teaching and learning skills in K - 8 social studies methods courses.

New Models of Assessment and the Preservice Teacher

Discuss the assessment of historical thinking as theorized in Assessing Historical Thinking & Understanding: Innovative Designs for New Standards. Gain an understanding of how social studies teacher educators can model and support preservice teachers’ use of new types of assessments.

What is the Best Strategy to Fight Segregation?

Engage in a model secondary lesson where students assume the roles of African American activists and choose a strategy to resist Jim Crow segregation. Presentation will include video and teacher reflection highlighting the challenges of implementing the lesson.

Climbing Your Family Tree with C3

Family history in the K-5 classroom engages students, draws upon cultural funds of knowledge, and cultivates historical thinking skills. This integrated unit plan breathes life into the C3 Framework.

Finding and Filling Gaps in Trade Books with Primary Sources

Using common themes and diverse literature, learn about historical misrepresentations discovered within trade books and ideas for locating and modifying primary sources to fill content gaps and meet rigorous standards.

Freedom and Unfreedom: The Complexity of Civic Courage

Presentation will describe 4th grade project about civic literacy using the Underground Railroad as context. Examples of popular texts, primary documents, photographs given to participants for their future projects.


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