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U.S. History

Human Rights & History: Teaching with Comics, Simulations, and Documents

Interactive session demonstrating effective methods to engage students in the study of human rights. Includes employing and creating comic books/strips, written debates, webquests,oral histories, and simulations. Handouts provided.

Learning with Walt Disney: Primary Sources from WWII to Tomorrowland

Engage students with animation, popular culture, and history using primary sources illustrating Disney's influence on WWII, the 1964 World's Fair, and Tomorrowland. Explorations highlighting historical change, progress, propaganda, and technology!

Using FlipBoard in the Classroom

Flipboard is a Web 2.0 tool that will create a digital magazine that can be used as a textbook for individual units and lessons within the Social Studies Classroom

Teaching with Primary Sources and Emerging Technologies

The focus of this session will be on the use of primary sources and emerging technologies in social studies methods courses at the university level.

Uniting SS Knowledge and Skills with CCSS: The Civil War

Fifth graders in a low socio-economic school become fully engaged in a Civil War study which unites CCSS, SS, and technology. Resources, including unit plan and bibliography, will be shared.

Social Media in Social Studies: Engaging Students in their World

Examine ways you can use social media to engage students in historical thinking and inquiry. Learn to distinguish between forms and spaces, and leave with tools for your classroom.

Reunion & Reflection: Multiple Perspectives on the Battle of Gettysburg

David McConaughy, Gettysburg attorney and President of the Gettysburg Battlefield Memorial Association, led the charge to remember and preserve the battlefield for future generations. Why, and how did veterans respond?

Commemorating Controversy: Vietnam War's 50th Anniversary in the Classroom

How can teachers commemorate the legacy of a war in which America lost? Ideas will be introduced for incorporating the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War in the classroom.

But the Textbook Said...: Bringing Multiple Perspectives to Elementary Classrooms

Learn to implement two disciplinary literacy strategies: DBQs and OUTs. These strategies promote historical thinking, critical questioning, and inquiry through primary sources and multiple perspectives.

History through the Senses: Music, Media and Dance as Inquiry

Learn to use music, media, and dance materials to promote student inquiry and experiential learning in American History lessons. Includes hands-on activities and movement experiences that you can easily recreate.


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