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U.S. History

Building Unique Primary Source Sets to Make Standards Come Alive

Learn ways to challenge textbooks by using Library of Congress analysis tools. Looking through macro and micro lenses, participants will create unique Primary Source Sets. Leave with LOC materials.

What Can Poetry Teach Students about American Democracy?

Learn how famous (and not-so-famous) poems can help students explore the concept of American democracy. Special attention is paid to multicultural poetry. Poems and activity sheets will be provided.

Collaboration Cubed: Combining Forces to Contextualize Curriculum Construction

Social studies teachers join forces with a teacher educator to create an authentic context for teacher candidates' instructional planning experiences and to gain fresh perspectives on existing middle school curriculum.

Research Strategies for Teachers Who (Think They) Hate Research Projects

This presentation focuses on effective research strategies presented in the form of a ready-to-go project idea for high school U.S. history teachers.

Bait/Switch: How Edutainment Teaches Historical Thinking to Young Students

An academic historian turned author/performer demonstrates proven, exciting, and easy methods to inspire young students to historical literacy and content knowledge, including role-play, humor, primary sources, and storytelling.

Interactive Computer Lessons and Assessments to Prepare for the Future

Baltimore City Public Schools is developing content-rich digital curriculum units that incorporate interactive lessons/assessments to increase instruction to better prepare students for PARCC and the reality of classroom time constraints.

Teaching with Primary Sources and Emerging Technologies

The focus of this session will be on the use of primary sources and emerging technologies in social studies methods courses at the university level.

Difference Makers: Jackie Robinson, Sports, and the Civil Rights Movement

Many sports personalities have advanced democracy and ignited social change in America. These heroic figures paved the way for the Civil Rights Movement. Resources and strategies will be distributed.

The U.S. in Vietnam: Lessons Learned?

The Vietnam War remains a central reference point for U.S. decision makers. Explore ten C3-aligned lessons in the Choices’ Vietnam curriculum (provided), while also evaluating and analyzing lessons learned.

Why Learn about History? Connecting the Past to the Present

Using children's books, primary sources, video and computer programs, participants will connect integrated units related to voting rights, immigration, and discrimination in history, to current events with student-created projects.


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