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U.S. History

Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor-Empathy Through Experiential Education

History must become more than dead people and dates for children to grasp the importance of learning the past. This session will explore using experiential education to teach historical empathy.

Integrating Vintage Maps into the History Curriculum

Vintage maps reflect the cultural, social, political and economic values of an era. Participants will explore strategies to incorporate 19th century maps of Africa and the Mississippi into the curriculum.

Research Strategies for Teachers Who (Think They) Hate Research Projects

This presentation focuses on effective research strategies presented in the form of a ready-to-go project idea for high school U.S. history teachers.

The Portraiture Project: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Instruction

In an interactive poster session, participants will learn how portraiture may be integrated in history instruction to advance students' understanding of historic persons and the construction of narratives.

Civil Rights: More than a Bus and a Dream

This exploration of Civil Rights leaders beyond Dr. King enables critical evaluation of leadership and its challenges. Teachers will leave with a great multi-day, standards-based lesson and an all-inclusive DVD.

Bait/Switch: How Edutainment Teaches Historical Thinking to Young Students

An academic historian turned author/performer demonstrates proven, exciting, and easy methods to inspire young students to historical literacy and content knowledge, including role-play, humor, primary sources, and storytelling.

Says Who? Teaching Students to Evaluate Multiple Historical Truths

Participants will engage in a historical thinking activity that aligns to the shifts in Social Studies with emphasis to the evaluation of evidence and we will experience engaging best practices!

You've Got Issues...You Just Didn't Know it!

Participants will learn how to issue-ize their existing instructional units in American History and World History by applying an issues-centered focus to increase student engagement, understanding and responsibility.

Interactive Computer Lessons and Assessments to Prepare for the Future

Baltimore City Public Schools is developing content-rich digital curriculum units that incorporate interactive lessons/assessments to increase instruction to better prepare students for PARCC and the reality of classroom time constraints.

Long Live Rock and Roll!

Interactive website on the history of rock music, the causes and effects and the changes it brought about in the American culture during the Cold War.


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