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U.S. History

The U.S. in Vietnam: Lessons Learned?

The Vietnam War remains a central reference point for U.S. decision makers. Explore ten lessons in the Choices Vietnam curriculum (provided) while also evaluating and analyzing lessons learned.

Time to LIVE, ACT, and BE history! Project Based Learning, Here We Come!

Let's get ALL kids in the elementary grades out of their seats and textbooks, to live history, and give them the chance to literally show US what THEY got!

The Interview that Gets You the Social Studies Job

An NCSS perennial returns! Two NCSS past presidents and former high school administrators conduct a reality show: they ask audience volunteers to answer questions they actually used to hire teachers.

Video Games in the Social Studies: Teaching and Assessment Strategies

Games are a staple in the adolescent learner's social diet. Instructors can draw on video game-based content and gaming grading systems to enhance student engagement and comprehension in social studies.

Duck and Cover! Decision Making and Cold War Dilemmas

Using the rank order approach students must make value-based decisions to determine who stays in the fallout shelter. All participants receive free materials.

A Comprehensive Look at Teaching Social Studies to Exceptional Learners

The upcoming NCSS Bulletin, Social Studies and Exceptional Learners, is a practitioners guide addressing how to create inclusive social studies classrooms. Meet the authors as they share resources and insights.

Young Children Write about the Here and Now: Powerful Historical Literacy

Inspire and scaffold historical literacy by engaging youngsters in inquiry-based learning. Learning history about the here and now through familiar people, places, and events, children research and write about history.

P-20 Goals: Operating the Social Studies under Common Ideals

Standards, Goals, Objectives, and other labels are used across the Social Studies. These are often directed to unique grade levels, this session will discuss the results of common P-20 goals.

High-Quality, Student-Created Documentaries Using iMovie

Student-created documentaries using iMovie or Movie Maker. Best practices for teaching the technology and for adding the narration. A step-by-step quick-start guide will be provided.

Becoming a Detective: Reading and Writing about History about

Encourage your students to become historical detectives while strengthening reading, writing, and thinking skills. Participate in classroom-ready ideas to experience an inquiry approach to historical investigation and evidence-based learning.


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