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U.S. History

Let's Teach Our Children Honest and Inclusive History!

History UnErased's mission is to prepare every educator to teach every child about the vital role that LGBTQ history and people have played in our nation and world.

That Happened Here? Place-Based Education with Informational Sources

Learn how you can use free sources available at the Library of Congress and local collections to develop accessible curriculum that emphasizes the significance of local history.

Connecting Social Studies to Literacy through Primary Sources

Obtain materials to coming social studies and literacy content through Paul Fleischmann's Bull Run. These materials will have your students analyzing and questioning literature while connecting with primary sources.

Revising the DBQ: Using Tasks with Authentic Audience and Purpose to Support Argument Writing in History/Social Sciences

Get sample writing tasks, created in collaboration with middle school teachers designed to provide opportunities to develop students' argument writing and historical thinking with primary sources.

How Everyday People Influenced President Lincoln's Brave Ideas

Engage with primary sources to analyze Lincoln's daily commute through Civil War Washington and discover the lessons he learned from ordinary people along the way.

Let Freedom Ring: Students Can Become Detectives in K-8 Classrooms

Use Library of Congress inquiry strategies to show your students how to become "history detectives" using primary sources and technology.

Finding Common Purpose: Building Partnerships to Strengthen History Education

Learn about the strategies and view the materials from the first year of this TPS project in Atlanta, which pilots summer academies for teachers. The project aims to foster pedagogical strategies and deepen content.

The National WWII Museum Teacher Institute--Is it for YOU?

Want to increase WWII knowledge, sharpen your primary source skills, spend a summer exploring The National WWII Museum and another discovering an overseas WWII location? This session is for you!
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