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U.S. History

Raising your Voice in Class: Spoken Word for Social Change

Spoken word poetry creates an outlet for students to address controversial issues in an engaging way. Attendees will gain knowledge of how to incorporate this pedagogical practice into their classroom.

Pondering the Progressives

Analyzing the key players, reforms efforts, and court cases of the Progressive Era will illuminate the role this period has played in helping shape the United States today.

ELLs in the Social Studies: Eight Strategies that Improve Instruction

English Language Learners (ELLs) are a growing demographic with specific educational and linguistic needs. Our workshop reviews eight essential strategies that social studies teachers can use to improve their instruction.

Real World History: Creating and Leading an Applied History Course

Join the students, course instructor, and museum staff involved in an innovative high school applied history course created and led by Center for Inspired Teaching in Washington, DC.

Uncovering Slavery and Freedom Stories: Using Primary-Source Freedom Petitions

Learn about the tradition of suing for freedom used by Dred Scott & others, explore a free primary source collection, and take home a versatile activity idea.

Using GIS to Promote Geo-Historical Inquiry in the History Classroom

Learn how to transform your instruction by using GIS to interactively question,analyze,and visualize geographic connections in the history classroom. Free maps, software,lesson plans,and tips/tricks will be shared.

Listen my Friend and You Shall Hear... the Truth!

Paul Revere's famous ride, embellished by poets, artists, and others for over two centuries, provides an ideal context for developing historical inquiry, source evaluation, and interdisciplinary learning.

The Pen and the Sword: Elevating Student Writing in History

Re-imagine the writing process to create a framework for thesis-driven essays that include four key techniques to marry evidence with analysis, greatly improving student writing in both cogency and effectiveness.

Poetry in Social Studies

For this content do you have the time?What about teaching it through rhyme?Learning through poetry can be lots of fun.And students learn content when you are done.

Eyewitness to History: Madison Washington's Successful Slave Revolt

Students have heard of Prosser's Rebellion, Denmark Vessey, and Nat Turner. But have they heard of Madison Washington and the Creole Revolt? No? Then they should!


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