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U.S. History

Pop Culture in Social Studies: Using Superheroes to Engage Students

Familiar formats like superheroes, trading cards and action figures engage and motivate students. These strategies immerse students in social studies via pop culture, and help build Common Core connections.

Teaching Literacy through History: Integrating History and the Common Core

The Gilder Lehrman Teaching Literacy through History program demonstrates how to integrate primary sources and Common Core literacy skills using research-based pedagogy and seminal American history documents.

Teaching American History through Art at the MFA, Boston

The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston houses one of the finest collections of American art. Learn how you can use the museum as a resource while meeting Common Core standards.

The Common Core in the History Classroom: Sources and Strategies

Using works of art from the 1913 Armory Show and primary sources covering concurrent social movements, participants will learn strategies to address the instructional shifts demanded by the CCSS.

Motivate with Music and Media! The Hot 100+ Classroom Ideas

Experience classroom activities utilizing music and movie excerpts that help explain and interpret historical events in diverse ways for diverse learners. Packets of 100+ ideas provide resources for immediate use.

Teaching about Slavery: Insights from a Museum-Based Teacher Cohort

Discover archival documents and stories to represent the humanity of the enslaved, challenge your students’ thinking, and maintain sensitivity to racial dynamics in the classroom. Approaches tested for grades K-12.

Using Primary Sources to Develop Common Core Close Reading Skills

Explore using primary sources in early American history to develop elementary and middle school students’ close reading skills! This workshop examines how to construct text-dependent questions that support historical thinking.

Teaching Early American Indian Pre-Contact/Contact Using Accurate Resources

Elementary teachers! Come learn about ideas, activities, lesson plans, and resources to teach about American Indians accurately, including overviews about pre-contact native cultures, Columbus Day and Thanksgiving.

Susan B. Anthony’s Trial, Social Justice and Common Core Connections

Teachers will use primary sources from Susan B. Anthony’s trial for illegally voting in the 1872 presidential election to make Common Core connections and teach students to work for social justice.

1763: Revolutionary Gateway Year for Canada and the United States

North America witnessed major events 250 years ago: Britain took over New France, Pontiac rebelled, a line was drawn. Introduce these events through lessons, maps, primary and secondary resources.


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