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U.S. History

Socratic Seminar for Social Justice Conversation

Socratic Seminar is facilitated discussion that teaches students to ask questions, engage in dialogue, and to understand complex content. It's an excellent way to engage in issues of social justice.

Creating and Sustaining a History Book Club for Professional Development

This session discusses a joint professional development effort of Little Rock School District and the History Department faculty from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

Making Invisible History Visible

How can students get involved in finding "untold stories" about African American History? This session helps schools engage students in civic learning experiences that center around preserving African American history.

Beyond the Boundaries: Using Sports to Teach American History

By using primary source materials, Drs. Loosbrock and Crowther demonstrate how sports history can be used to teach larger themes in American history, such as gender, ethnicity, urbanization, and economics.

Teaching about Fred Korematsu and the Japanese American WWII Internment

Karen Korematsu, Fred Korematsu’s daughter, will share her father’s story about his fight against the WWII Japanese-American Internment through the video “Of Civil Wrongs and Rights” and Korematsu Institute curriculum.

Creating History Walks to Consider Social Justice

March with Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., consider the needs of your students, and feature a variety of primary source materials as you differentiate content, the classroom process and student products.

You've Got Issues...You Just Didn't Know It!

Participants will learn how to "issue-ize" their existing instructional units in American history and world history by applying an issues-centered focus to increase student engagement and understanding.

Fighting for Equality: Exploring Civil Rights through the Common Core

This interactive session explores an elementary civil rights text set and activities used to integrate social studies and Common Core ELA standards in meaningful ways that deepen social studies understandings.

Research at the Core of Social Studies Practice

NCSS Research Community representatives will highlight the intersection between research and social studies practice. Research on content-based literacy and evidence-based instruction will be presented.

Fostering Meaningful Student Vocabulary Learning in Middle School Classrooms

We will explore the vocabulary demands of textbooks, engage participants in learning instructional strategies that increase students’ long-lasting understanding, and share our research that reveals students’ perceptions of vocabulary learning.


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