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U.S. History

Bringing History Alive with an Interactive Wax Museum

Come learn how to make history come alive by creating an interactive wax museum, where students turn research projects into interactive exhibits with technology and social media.

Like a Polaroid Picture: Shaking up your Classroom with Visuals

Teachers will explore lesson plans and assessments based on Walter Werner's visual literacy research. They will walk away with exciting new strategies to support historical inquiry and the Common Core.

Helping SS Teachers Become Writing Teachers - Providing Meaningful Feedback

Do you avoid teaching writing because you fee; overwhelmed reading student work and providing feedback? Learn how automated-essay scorers and peer-review can reduce your workload while creating a student-centered classroom.

Writing History: Using Written Expression to Celebrate Learning

Explore strategies for writing in Social Studies and leave with classroom-ready U.S. History based writing lessons and assessments! Ideal for teachers of students with learning differences/diverse learning needs.

Preparing Elementary Students for Performance Based Assessments & Disciplinary Literacy

Make assessing historical thinking skills for elementary SS rigorous and realistic. Come review specific lesson plans, performance assessments and resources for introducing historical thinking skills in the elementary grades.

Historical Inquiry for All: Strategies for Reaching All Learners K-5

Learn how to captivate elementary school students with powerful, inquiry-based history lessons! Strategies for reaching all learners and age groups will be presented. Curriculum materials will be provided!

Using iPads to Enhance Content Knowledge: A Teacher's Guide

Explore how to use iPads to create and implement lessons that enhance students' content knowledge. World and U.S. History lessons included. Resource materials will be disseminated.

Tough Stuff of History: New Orleans & Domestic Slave Trade

This clinic will focus on human rights and teaching controversy utilizing Purchased Lives an exhibit on the domestic slave trade, related teacher workshops, lesson plans, field trips and educational programs.

Celebrating Newspapers in the Classroom: Engaging students through Chronicling America

What really happened? Whose point of view? How did people react? Why? Experience and celebrate how historical events chronicled in newspapers can create excitement, engagement, and curiosity within your students.

Eyewitness to History: Madison Washington's Successful Slave Revolt

Students have heard of Prosser's Rebellion, Denmark Vessey, and Nat Turner. But have they heard of Madison Washington and the Creole Revolt? No? Then they should!


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