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U.S. History

Like a Polaroid Picture: Shaking up your Classroom with Visuals

Teachers will explore lesson plans and assessments based on Walter Werner's visual literacy research. They will walk away with exciting new strategies to support historical inquiry and the Common Core.

Bringing History Alive with an Interactive Wax Museum

Come learn how to make history come alive by creating an interactive wax museum, where students turn research projects into interactive exhibits with technology and social media.

It's About Time: TimeBooks Visualize Regional Perspectives of US History

This session will actively explore Library of Congress resources through a digital textbook designed on a highly interactive timeline tool called ChronoZoom to highlight the interconnectedness of historical events.

Writing for Understanding in the Social Studies Classroom

Join TCI to discover powerful web tools and pedagogy that will help you tap into students' multiple abilities and give all of your learners something memorable to write about.

Engaging Reluctant Readers and Writers: Social Studies through Readers Theater

Do you really want to make social studies leap off of the page? Here's your chance! Come learn how to use reader's theater to invigorate your class!

In the Trenches: Practical Strategies for Embracing Content Literacy

Are you looking for practical ways to bring content literacy into your classroom? Two teachers, in the trenches, present tried and true strategies used in their middle school classrooms.

Silenced No More: LGBTQ in the Social Studies Curriculum

Teach your students to harness and celebrate the history of LGBTQ human rights! Engage in discussion and learn methods to utilize the Social Studies curriculum to teach this forgotten history.

Dauntless, Amity, or Divergent: Analyzing America's Entrance into Global Conflicts

Erudite or Abnegation? Which faction matches our values? Using the popular Divergent YA novels as a lens, we'll analyze America's motivations to enter WWI, Vietnam, and other 20th century conflicts.

Heating up Social Studies Methods Courses through Service Learning Collaborations

This session examines the service learning partnership between a higher education social studies methods course and the Aurora Regional Fire Museum. Methods, process, and findings will be shared with participants.

Exploring our National Parks Using Interactive Maps for Student Engagement

In this presentation, interactive, story maps and lesson plans bring the Natchez Trace Parkway to life. This serves as a template for teachers to create lessons for enhancing student engagement.


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