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U.S. History

New Orleans: An American Odyssey

This is a bus and walking tour that includes the French Quarter, the Garden District, Chalmette Battlefield, Katrina devastation, and the World War II Museum.

The C3 Foundry 2.0: Building the Inquiry Design Model

This clinic will examine the Inquiry Design Model (IDM), a unique approach to creating curriculum and instructional materials featuring questions, tasks, and sources while relying on teacher expertise and experience.

Say What? Creating Socially Responsible Citizens in Urban Middle Schools

Foster the promotion of socially responsible young citizens in an urban middle school by creating and initiating innovative lessons driven by student interest in current social issues and events.

Defending Slavery: Using Contested Perspectives to Teach the Peculiar Institution

How can students comprehend the perspectives of those who defended slavery? This workshop emphasizes social studies disciplinary literacy in analyzing the evolving perspective of slaveowners.

Superheroes in Gotham: Comic Books in Historical Context

What do comics teach us about the past? Using sources from the exhibition Superheroes in Gotham, participants will examine the history of comic books through the lens of social responsibility.

Globalizing U.S. History: Confidence-Boosting Strategies, Primary Sources, and Resources

Want to globalize your U.S. history curriculum but don't know how? This session introduces strategies, primary sources, and resources to help situate 500+ years of American history in international contexts.

Writing History: Using Written Expression to Celebrate Learning

Explore strategies for writing in social studies and leave with classroom-ready U.S. History based writing lessons and assessments! Ideal for teachers of students with learning differences/diverse learning needs.

Helping Social Studies Teachers Become Writing Teachers--Providing Meaningful Feedback

Do you avoid teaching writing because you feel overwhelmed reading student work and providing feedback? Learn how automated-essay scorers and peer-review can reduce your workload while creating a student-centered classroom.

Dauntless, Amity, or Divergent: Analyzing America's Entrance into Global Conflicts

Erudite or Abnegation? Which faction matches our values? Using the popular Divergent Young Adult novels as a lens, we'll analyze America's motivations to enter World War I, Vietnam, and other 20th century conflicts.

It's About Time: TimeBooks Visualize Regional Perspectives of U.S. History

This session will actively explore Library of Congress resources through a digital textbook designed on a highly interactive timeline tool called ChronoZoom to highlight the interconnectedness of historical events.


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