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U.S. History

Urban Social Studies Education and the Common Core

Share an innovative curriculum framework that focuses social science instruction intentionally on inquiry methods, the analysis of texts, and the effective communication of thoughts and ideas while implementing the CCSS-H/SS.

Made in America: Using Corporations to Teach History, Economics, Civics

Do your students like to shop? Is the economy confusing? Use corporate histories to tell the story of America and how companies have bettered, or burdened, our nation over time.

Exploring Myths and Reality through the Common Core

Myths are expressed in stories, images, and folk tales, reflecting society and its values. Do they actually reflect our values? Do they represent an ideal? Do they represent historical reality?

Rosenbergs on Trial: Using Federal Trials to Teach History

This session will explore primary sources related to the landmark case U.S. v. Rosenberg, and discuss how to incorporate federal trials into the classroom. Participants will receive resources for use with students.

Expanding the Classroom Walls with Interactive Video Conferencing (IVC)

Presenters will make history real by discussing the value of IVC. Participants will experience how IVC can make topics as the Social Justice story of Dred Scott come full circle.

Equality in History: Literacy, Great Persons and Primary Sources Intersect

Garrison, Brown and Douglass. King and Alabama clergymen. Come learn about the nation’s ongoing dialogue about equality and social justice from the perspective of historical figures and their writings.

Partnerships: Revolutionizing Content, Common Core and Civil Discourse

Discover how partnerships between schools and museums help to integrate historical content and common core standards. Explore lessons on the American Revolution leading to appropriate formats of civil discourse today.

Common Core: Integrating and Applying to the Social Studies Classroom

Join TCI to discover how you can integrate Common Core Standards into your instruction without reinventing the wheel. You'll look at Common Core and your content in a new way.

Facilitating Student Learning in the Social Studies: Teacher Education and Technology

Do you teach social studies methods for teacher candidates? Strategies to motivate teacher candidates to teach social studies that enhances student learning will be presented and discussed.

30 for 30: Sports Documentaries to Engage in Social History

Come learn about ways to integrate ESPN's documentary series "30 for 30" to teach about issues, trends, people, and events that transformed the national landscape over the last forty years.


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