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U.S. History

Amending America: Some Assembly Required

The National Archives celebrates the 225th anniversary of the Bill of Rights with new free materials for K-12. Receive lessons highlighting how this iconic document continues to shape society.

Exploring Civil Rights and Developing Civic Agency: Strategies that Work

Learn how educators in urban schools use primary resources and interactive strategies to impact school culture. Explore lessons that resonate with students' identities, strengthen academic growth, and increase civic agency

Problematizing Indian Removal for Elementary Students: A Human Rights Investigation

Participants will engage in a model elementary think-aloud lesson grounded in a problem-based historical inquiry framework in order to decide if Andrew Jackson was justified in removing Indians to reservations.

Multicultural Moment: Theodore Roosevelt, Holt Collier, and the Teddy Bear

Using counter-factual strategies, participants will engage in Roosevelt's famous Mississippi hunting trip including his encounter with Holt Collier, which serves as a model for sharing other multicultural moments in history.

Live Tweeting Films: #nomorenoteguides

All educators who use films in their classroom will learn the benefits of incorporating live tweeting or microblogging in order to actively monitor student learning and increase engagement.

Patriots, Heroes, and Engaged Citizens: Helping Students Understand Social Responsibility

Presenter will offer strategies to help students identify characteristics and actions of American patriots, heroes and responsible citizens. Critical thinking, content literacy skills, and effective questioning will be modeled. Handouts.

A Nineteenth Century Rosa Parks: Using Documents to Promote Historical Empathy

Rosa Parks is a familiar historical figure, but who was Elizabeth Jennings? This presentation includes strategies on how to promote historical empathy by using documents to assess Jennings' historical contributions.

Resources for Teaching about the Thirteenth Amendment

December 6, 2015 marks the sesquicentennial of the Thirteenth Amendment. This presentation provides teachers with the latest scholarly and practical instructional resources to help them teach about the amendment and its legacy.

Untwisting History: Empowering Social Studies Students

This is a self-study of an inclusive, student-centered social studies classroom. This presentation will share techniques and strategies to support higher student engagement, and social change.

Transforming Your Classroom through Experiences in the Mississippi Delta

Come experience the Mississippi Delta through slideshows, film, song, realia, and food samples. Participants will see, hear, smell, touch, and taste a sampling of diverse elements that converge in the Delta. Luther Brown who created the NEH MS Delta, describes the Delta as both a place and a mindset: ‘The Delta is also the American story shrunk in time and space.” The dichotomies of the Delta fuel active lessons that touch students deeply. Panelists will share these K-12 lessons taught in their classrooms across America, and share links for a wealth of additional lessons and background material available online. Find out how to participate in the NEH Landmarks Workshop: Mississippi Delta: the Most Southern Place on Earth, and how you can order the Emmett Till traveling museum panels that can transform your students’ school year.​


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