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U.S. History

Nineteenth Century Rosa Parks: Using Documents to Promote Historical Empathy

Rosa Parks is a familiar historical figure, but who was Elizabeth Jennings? This session includes strategies on how to promote historical empathy by using documents to assess Jennings' historical contributions.

Immigrant Histories: Digital Research and Multimedia Storytelling Enliven the Past

Bring your study of immigration into the 21st century by learning how digital bins and iPad apps can engage young learners in research and perspective taking around immigrant experiences.

Social Studies and edTPA

edTPA is a fast-growing national preservice teacher performance assessment. If you work in higher education, come learn how to best support your candidates in social studies tasks 1-3.

Transforming Your Classroom through Experiences in the Mississippi Delta

Why study the MS Delta? Come experience the Delta through sights, sounds, touches, smells, and tastes, and learn how the MS Delta will change your life and your classroom.

Listening to History: Creating Oral Histories to Explore Social Issues

Oral history allows students to be active, engaged participants in their education. By using primary sources and interviews, social issues that relate to the current standards can be explored.

Resources for Teaching about the Thirteenth Amendment

December 6, 2015 marks the sesquicentennial of the Thirteenth Amendment. Provides teachers with the latest scholarly and practical instructional resources to help them teach about the amendment and its legacy.

Exploring Story in History: Integrating History and English Language Arts

This presentation and discussion provides an overview of our interdisciplinary, collaborative America's Story program, with a synopsis of curriculum, highlights of successful activities and assessments, and future plans.

New Orleans: An American Odyssey

This is a bus and walking tour that includes the French Quarter, the Garden District, Chalmette Battlefield, Katrina devastation, and the World War II Museum.

Untwisting History: Empowering Social Studies Students

This is a self-study of an inclusive, student-centered social studies classroom. Session will share techniques and strategies to support higher student engagement, and social change.

Bridging the Divide: Lessons from a School District-University Partnership

Participants will explore curricular materials and professional development tools created by Los Angeles Unified and the Stanford History Education Group to support the integration of disciplinary literacy into history classrooms.


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