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U.S. History

Teaching Human Rights through Popular Music

Participants will become familiar with popular songs associated with American human rights struggles from the past and present. Participants will utilize the songs studied in sample inquiry activities.

21 Lessons to Engage the 21st Century Learner

Transfer skills are essential to our 21st century learners. Attend this session to engage in 21 lesson ideas to support our learners across Social Studies disciplines.

Academic Service Learning In Action Using Informal Education

A regional living history museum provides an engaging backdrop that highlights service learning opportunities for university education students to teach low SES students about diverse Louisiana cultures.

Why Don't They Say What They Mean? Middle School DBQs

Have you tried teaching middle school friendly primary sources or DBQs (document-based questions)? Explore materials successfully used with students to teach the Declaration of Independence and primary sources it inspired.

Alexander Hamilton - Visionary or Villain?

Alexander Hamilton's vision for the United States often clashed with others but his actions placed the United States on a path to economic growth and prosperity.

Web 2.0 Tools to Scaffold Inquiry about Women's Suffrage

Using the Women's suffrage primary source set from the Library of Congress, participants will explore Web 2.0 tools to support using digital primary sources and scaffold student inquiry.

Oral History as Inquiry into the Long Civil Rights Movement

This session uses oral histories from the Library of Congress Civil Rights History Project(1930-70), the Question Formulation Technique, and historical analysis scaffolds to bring C3's Inquiry Arc to life.

Teaching Native American Civil Rights: From Plymouth to Alcatraz

Explore how to use historical inquiry, primary sources, Library of Congress resources, and Common Core and C3 strategies to teach students how to examine Native American history and civil rights.

Augmented Reality, Junior History Detectives, and the C3 Inquiry Arc

Augmented Reality (AR) provides teachers with access to historical sites that may no longer exist. This session explores how AR can leverage interest in local history and C3's Inquiry Arc.

Is Disability History a History Worth Mentioning?

In this session, participants pose a compelling question about disability history to examine stigmas and perceptions. Strategies supporting question exploration and the four dimensions of the C3 Framework are modeled.


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