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U.S. History

Web 2.0 Tools to Scaffold Inquiry about Women's Suffrage

Using the women's suffrage primary source set from the Library of Congress, participants will explore Web 2.0 tools to support using digital primary sources and to scaffold student inquiry.

Academic Service Learning in Action using Informal Education

A regional living history museum provides an engaging backdrop that highlights service learning opportunities for university education students to teach low SES students about diverse Louisiana cultures.

Hunting the Hun! Multimedia Approach to America Entering World War I

Participate in a ready-to-go lesson that draws students into the year 1917 and America's abandonment of isolationism to join the Great War.

Engaging Young Learners through Minecraft and Historic Places

Connecting historic places with Minecraft, a technology tool familiar to young learners, makes a major impact on retention of content knowledge while developing 21st century technology skills in social studies.

Voting Rights in America, Then and Now

Perhaps more fiercely contested than election races are the rules governing who actually gets to vote. We look at ways to teach America's voting-rights struggles, past and present.

Tooning into History: Political Cartoons in the Classroom

Build skills in making inferences, evaluating sources and supporting conclusions with evidence by utilizing cartoons in your classroom. A sample lesson analyzes images of colonial protest prior to the American Revolution.

Big Ideas in Professional Development: A Sit and Stay Model

In this presentation participants will discuss how social studies teachers can collaborate in big-idea thinking for 21st century learning by learning about our school-university partnership professional development technology model.

From Lazy Listeners to an Authentic Audience

Transform your classroom from sit and get to a student-centered, inquiry-based learning environment. Opportunities to experience strategies and sample lessons, including a World War II project-based unit, are provided.

To Citizenship and Beyond: Historical Case Studies

Explore attributes of Global Citizenship. Learn to incorporate a variety of texts like primary sources and games to identify and evaluate acts of historical figures. Four case studies are presented.

Why Don't They Say What They Mean? Middle School DBQs

Have you tried teaching middle-school-friendly primary sources or DBQs (document-based questions)? Explore materials successfully used with students to teach the Declaration of Independence and primary sources it inspired.


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