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U.S. History

Augmented Reality, Junior History Detectives, and the C3 Inquiry Arc

Augmented Reality (AR) provides teachers with access to historical sites that may no longer exist. This session explores how AR can leverage interest in local history and C3's Inquiry Arc.

Dr. Seuss and Disney: Political Cartoons and Propaganda During WWII

Find a new and engaging way to integrate the CCSS ELA Standards into your class through the use of primary sources constructed by Dr. Seuss and Disney. Lessons provided.

Teaching Native American Civil Rights: From Plymouth to Alcatraz

Explore how to use historical inquiry, primary sources, Library of Congress resources, and Common Core and C3 strategies to teach students how to examine Native American history and civil rights.

Tell Me More: Investigating the History Behind the Story

Spark interest by pairing nonfiction with historical fiction. Students analyze how authors use history as a story telling vehicle and create questions for innovative inquiry projects that showcase student learning.

Giving Our Students a Better Interactive Base in History

You can successfully implement project based assessments(PBAs)! Learn easy ways to implement PBAs. Discover options to use when creating and assessing. Hear student reflections on their experiences with PBAs.

Is Disability History a History Worth Mentioning?

In this session, participants pose a compelling question about disability history to examine stigmas and perceptions. Strategies supporting question exploration and the four dimensions of the C3 Framework are modeled.

Civil Rights: Means To Envision A Fair and Just Society

Presentation is a grade adaptable interdisciplinary study of struggle for just governance. Principles of democracy are examined as they evolve through specific events, which have long-term impact.

Live Tweeting Films: #nomorenoteguides

All educators who use films in their classroom will learn the benefits of incorporating live tweeting or microblogging in order to actively monitor student learning and increase engagement.

Rebels with Cause ...Kill the Drill, Bring Back the Joy

Tired of drill and kill? Learn ways to eradicate death by documents and eliminate not this again. Breathe life into your curriculum with engaging activities that still meet national standards.

Introduction to the Southern Freedom Movement

Step into the Mississippi freedom movement. By the time you leave, you will have a lesson to introduce students to the organization beyond the mass marches.


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