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U.S. History

American History from an American Indian Perspective

How do American Indians view President Jackson and Jefferson? How did they view American Indians? Examine memorialization, and discuss how we interpret history including on-site study of the Jackson memorial.

Not Your Grandma's Museum: Digital Collections in the Classroom

Museum collections are dynamic resources for social studies classrooms, but can feel overwhelming. Learn where to find and how to use digital museum resources to enhance pedagogy and content instruction.

Academic Service Learning in Action using Informal Education

A regional living history museum provides an engaging backdrop that highlights service learning opportunities for university education students to teach low SES students about diverse Louisiana cultures.

Looking in Your Own Backyard: Museum to Classroom Lesson Plans

A regional living history museum provides an engaging backdrop for bringing the past into the present with field-tested, hands-on lessons for K-12 students and teachers.

Successes of BYOD: Personal Accounts from the Social Studies Classroom

Students have devices; use them to bridge the gaps in the classroom. Successfully learn how to create and implement your own BYOD program within your social studies classroom.

21 Lessons to Engage the 21st Century Learner

Transfer skills are essential to our 21st century learners. Attend this presentatoin to engage in 21 lesson ideas to support our learners across social studies disciplines.

Web 2.0 Tools to Scaffold Inquiry about Women's Suffrage

Using the women's suffrage primary source set from the Library of Congress, participants will explore Web 2.0 tools to support using digital primary sources and to scaffold student inquiry.

Hunting the Hun! Multimedia Approach to America Entering World War I

Participate in a ready-to-go lesson that draws students into the year 1917 and America's abandonment of isolationism to join the Great War.

Engaging Young Learners through Minecraft and Historic Places

Connecting historic places with Minecraft, a technology tool familiar to young learners, makes a major impact on retention of content knowledge while developing 21st century technology skills in social studies.

Voting Rights in America, Then and Now

Perhaps more fiercely contested than election races are the rules governing who actually gets to vote. We look at ways to teach America's voting-rights struggles, past and present.


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