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U.S. History

Teach Like a PIRATE: Mastering Student Engagement

A high-energy, entertaining session filled with magic, mayhem, and most importantly, methods to captivate and engage hard-to-motivate students through interactive and creative approaches to teaching history.

Putting Women's History in the High School U.S. History Classroom

This session will feature creative lesson plans and techniques to help busy teachers include women's history into the standard high school U. S. history classroom.

Making the “Old” New: e-Learning about Colonial American History

A group of elementary teachers set out to research and write a storybook about actual children in colonial Maryland. The resulting digital book weaves together historical themes and disciplinary literacy.

Destination Social Studies: Daily Stations Integrating Literacy and Social Studies

This session explores integrating reading, writing, and social studies content by adapting the Daily 5 format. It provides teachers with a familiar format to design lessons around a children’s book.

Going Global with Google Maps and Apps

Globalize your classroom with Google maps & apps: infuse your lessons with Google to bring the past to the present, and the far away to next door.

Social Studies Common Assessments Aligned to Common Core Assessment Methods

Learn about the assessment methods used by Smarter Balanced and PARCC for the Common Core State Assessment and see examples of K-12 social studies common assessments aligned to these methods.

Historical Thinking, Literacy, and American Art

Learn strategies to meaningfully integrate visual art into your classroom as explored in the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s Summer Institutes: Teaching the Humanities through Art. Discover how these models enhance multiple literacies.

The Interview that Gets You the Social Studies Job

An NCSS conference perennial! Two former NCSS presidents and high school administrators invite audience volunteers to respond to questions from an actual hiring interview. Critiques identify what high schools really want.

Surviving the Common Core with History's Reality Stars

Failures, scandals, triumphs, newspaper headlines--we love our reality stars! And its all part of the CCSS! Learn how to bring the reality stars of history into your classroom!

Stay Calm and Jump on Board: Surviving the Reform Storm

Stay on the forefront of education reform by incorporating approaches such as STEM and Arts Integration into elementary social studies. Participants will leave with a CD of ideas and activities.


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