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U.S. History

Close Reading of Informational Text in the Social Studies Classroom

This presentation will share powerful strategies for close reading of informational texts by blending nonfiction leveled texts with CICERO system's extensive digital teaching resources.

Be Our Guest: Diplomacy (and Dining) in a Multicultural World

Use diplomacy and protocol to build a multicultural world--around the globe and in your classroom. Learn more at this fast-paced, insider session from the Department of State. Free materials.

It's Time for Transformation through Own Your History Leadership

Americans are divided. The Own Your History course focuses on leadership, history, civil rights. It empowers leaders for America's Unfinished Business: achieving reconciliation, making the American promise real for all.

Interdisciplinary Approach to Teaching Civil Rights: Gordon Parks

Gordon Park's work can be utilized to highlight the culturally relevant socially driven art and artifacts of the time period to address the holistic approach to content learning.

Inspire Students with the Four I's of Inquiry Framework

Experience the magic of inquiry, proven to engage students. Walk through the process of integrating primary sources and inspiring curiosity. Bring your lessons to life with our framework and tools

Puzzling Out Missing Pieces: Investigative Approaches to Biographies of the Enslaved

Nonfiction research requires attention to detail. But what happens when the subject for a biography is not only obscure, but previously marginalized and excluded from most methods of record keeping?

180 Days Hard Labor: Pathways to Understanding Social Responsibility

Using police records, journals and more explore what it means to be a socially responsible citizen. Combine documents, inquiry, CCskills and the C3 framework to understand and encourage social responsibility.

Discover What's New for Teachers from the Library of Congress

Join Library staff for lightning updates on new and enhanced features: teacher tools, professional development; primary sources; world culture artifacts; current legislation; social media; community connections and partnerships. Share discoveries!'s Online Exhibits

A half-day interactive tour of's free online exhibits about the American Founding and Bill of Rights, led by the scholar who developed them. Free to participants.

How Americans Marched, Fought, Even Died--to Vote

An author of Turning 15 on the Road to Freedom presents strategies and resources for examining U.S. voting rights from colonial times to Selma to the present day.


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