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US History

Taking Notes: Jazz and the American Story

Taking Notes provides participants with precise historical methodology and the research supporting arts integration into the teaching of U.S. history to enhance the use of metacognitive strategies and promote inquiry.

ELA Integration in the Content Classroom, We've Done Your Homework!

An innovative approach to ELA integration with historical fiction used as the instructional force behind content instruction. Result: An array of student created products, including an intricate reading response journal.

Historical Dilemmas: Andrew Jackson and the Debate over Indian Removal

Elementary teachers collaboratively designed and implemented a lesson aimed at helping students authentically debate Indian Removal. Students examined multiple historical perspectives before recommending a policy decision to Andrew Jackson.

21st Century Project-Based Learning in the Social Studies Classroom

This session will present ways to use Project-based Learning (PBL) in social studies classrooms to help teachers prepare their students for real-world, 21st Century skills.

Rock, Roll and Remember...Using Music, Humor and Mnemonics!

Rock, Roll and Remember uses music, humor and mnemonic devices to help history and geography educators aid the retention of knowledge in their students.

Beyond Superheroes and Villains: Encouraging Historical Literacy with Graphic Novels

Not your brother's comic book! Graphic novels are increasingly available for the social studies. This session examines their link with content literacy and opportunities for the classroom. Lesson materials provided.

Journey from the Dust

Economic and environmental collapse of the 1930s and the will to survive sends one young man on a journey from the Oklahoma dust to a new life in the northwest.

Accessing Social Studies with Technology for the UDL Way

Universal Design for Learning provides a blueprint for creating instructional goals, methods, materials, and assessments that work for everyone, improving inclusion and accessibility with ready-to-implement strategies, tools and resources.

The Military Life of Joshua Bates, a Camp Lewis Soldier

Participants will handle and examine actual primary documents, photos, letters, and objects in order to piece together the life of WWI Private 1st Class Joshua Bates.

21st Century Skills: More Keys to Unlocking Social Studies Content

This session provides strategies and classroom ready lessons demonstrating how an emphasis on skills such as literacy, writing and critical thinking in a digital age enhance any social studies content.


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