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US History

Great Lessons! Developing Curriculum through Field Study and Lesson Study

Lesson Study can transform the rich experiences of teachers' Field Study into powerful classroom activities for their students. Explore the process and results of this professional development model.

Beyond the Bubble: Stanford University's New Assessments of Historical Thinking

History Assessments of Thinking (HATs) use primary sources from the Library of Congress to measure historical thinking. Participants will receive assessments and practical advice about integrating HATs into classroom instruction.

Complicity: Consumerism and Slavery

This session will ask you to think about how consumerism and advertising has shaped the evolution of slavery from the 1620's to modern day. Handouts and visuals will be available.

Deciding Students' Academic Trajectories: Social Studies Teachers' Course Recommendation Practices

This session will focus on the decision-making processes utilized by high school social studies teachers when recommending the academic placement of students.

Teaching the Civil War with Modern Day Slavery

This unit ties the US Civil War and Abolitionist Movement to issues of modern-day slavery. Students compare the two events, ultimately designing an advocacy project combating global issues of slavery.

Re-enact Past Elections Using Digital Archives from Print to Telecasts

Harness election-year fever to restage elections past, from 1832 to 1960. Use digital archives to debate issues, create political memorabilia, and build a team that wins votes.

Digital Alternatives to Textbooks: What Are My Options

Digital resources are poised to replace the traditional textbook in your classroom. Come to learn about options available to you in the areas of US and World History.

An Intervention Involving Stanford History Education Group and History Teachers

Sam Wineburg and the Stanford History Education Group worked with our district on combining the instruction of history content and skills. There is much to share/learn from this intervention.

Golden Tickets and Happy Fun Ball: Strategies for Dynamic Lectures

Do your students moan when you lecture in class? This presentation includes "nuts-and-bolts" strategies for making dull-but-necessary "teacher talk" more dynamic, engaging, and versatile for the high school classroom.

Civil War Simulations: Integrating Language Arts and Social Studies

This presentation includes teacher lessons, student writing and digital iMovies of students acting out Civil War events from historical fiction: Bull Run, Follow the Drinking Gourd, and The Patchwork Path.


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