The Conspirator is opening this weekend in theaters!

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The Conspirator: Go to the Movies!

The producers of The Conspirators invite you to encourage your students, family, and friends to go see the movie between
opening day, April 15 and April 30, 2011. The film, which premiered at the 2010 NCSS Annual Conference, is about the
aftermath of Lincoln’s assassination.

Collect their ticket stubs—and send them in to win!
• The first teacher to send in 150 or more ticket stubs gets an iPad
• The first 5 teachers to send in 100 or more stubs get a $100
gift certificate to the online teacher catalog, Social Studies
School Services
• The first 10 teachers to send in 75 or more stubs get a movie
poster autographed by Robert Redford
• The first 20 teachers to send in 50 or more stubs get a DVD
of the movie, which includes the companion feature length
documentary, Mary Surratt and the Plot to Kill Lincoln
There are also chances to get a Group Discounts and a Free
Teacher’s Guide!
• Organize a group to go see the film and get discounted
tickets. Send an e-mail to
and give the discount code “NCSS-APR2011” to qualify for
reduced ticket prices.
• Find easy and standards-driven ways to incorporate
the film into your classroom instruction. Go to www. and download the free
resource guide.

Send your ticket stubs and your name, school, address, and
email to: Big Picture Instructional Design, 4449 Van Noord
Avenue, Studio City, CA 91604. For more information, email info@ submissions must be postmarked by May
15, 2011.

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