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Dear Miss Breed: Using Primary Documents to Advance Student Understanding of Japanese Internment Camps

The authors highlight the Carter G. Woodson award winner Dear Miss Breedwhich recounts the stories of 19 children of Japanese descent interned in U.S. camps during World War IIas an excellent resource for studying the Japanese American wartime experience. World War II Grade Level: Secondary/High School

Why Did the Colonists Fight When They Were Safe, Prosperous, and Free?

When historical events are framed as mysteries, students gain fresh insights into U.S. history topics, including the American Revolution. Independence Grade Level: Secondary/High School

Letter from a Young Boy Following the PanayIncident

The featured 1937 letter from a Japanese primary school student apologizing for the sinking of the USS Panay by Japanese aircraft provides an entry into the study of U.S.-Japanese relations before World War II. World War II Grade Level: Secondary/High School

The Founding Entrepreneurs: America's Prosperity

The entrepreneurs who spurred America's exceptional development offer students a model of what can be accomplished when individuals identify problems and seek productive solutions. The New Nation Grade Level: Secondary/High School

Ford: Not a Lincoln but a Hayes? A Lesson in History and Political Science

What makes a president successful? This article evaluates the presidency of Gerald Ford in the light of four theories by political scientists on presidential performance, highlighting one of them. Recent Times Grade Level: Secondary/High School

Ensuring Access to the Ballot Box: Voting Rights in the United States

A close look at contemporary voting rights issuesvoter identification laws, English only laws, and felon disenfranchisementdemonstrates ways in which voting rights can be restricted by seemingly ordinary requirements. Grade Level: Secondary/High School

Humanities and the Social Studies: Studying the Civil War through the Third Space

Blurring the boundaries between disciplines can yield notable results, as was demonstrated when an eighth-grade class approached history through literary activities. Civil War Grade Level: Secondary/High School

What Caused the Great Depression?

A review of the three major schools of thought on the causes of the Great Depression provides deeper understanding of both the history of the Depression and basic principles of economics. Roaring 20s, Great Depression Grade Level: Secondary/High School

Rough Journal Page Documenting Ratification and Final Page of the Treaty of Paris, 1783

The featured documents highlight for students the significance of the Treaty of Paris, not only in ending the Revolutionary War, but also in transforming British North America. Independence Grade Level: Secondary/High School


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