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Teaching with Primary Sources Midwest Region at Illinois State University

The TPS Midwest Region consist of 17 Midwestern states. The TPS Midwest Region actively promotes the use of the Library of Congress’ resources by providing professional development grants.

Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources Western Region

Learn about the TPS Western Region, encompassing 16 western states and providing grants of up to $20,000 to promote the effective use of resources from the Library of Congress by K-12 teachers.

TPS Online: What I Learned, You Can Too!

The Eastern Region TPS online training provides educators at all levels with the tools they need to locate and effectively integrate primary sources into their teaching philosophies and practices.

Finding Common Purpose: Building Partnerships to Strengthen History Education

Learn about the strategies and view the materials from the first year of this TPS project in Atlanta, which pilots summer academies for teachers. The project aims to foster pedagogical strategies and deepen content.
The American Psychological Association (APA) is pleased to announce the first-ever APA Summit on High School Psychology Education, which will take place July 9-14, 2017, at Weber State University in Ogden, Utah. The goal of the summit is to strengthen the value, delivery, assessment, and reach of psychological science through the teaching of high school psychology. In a high school psychology course, students gain an understanding of the complexities and diversity of human thought and behavior. Enrollment numbers in high school psychology courses are strong and growing.

Preparing NCSS/CAEP Program Reports

This clinic will prepare participants to review teacher preparation programs in socal studies or related disciplines and to update current reviewers in applying NCSS Standards for the CAEP Program Review Process.  

Fee: $300 for members, $360 for nonmembers


Which Field Experience Design is Best for Social Studies Methods?

Preservice teachers benefit from quality field experiences, but what is the best design for social studies? Mixed-methods analyses of 81 students' responses compare four variations of field experience designs.

Students Can Ask Great Questions (and Give Better Answers)

Explore the Melbourne Method, a Socratic seminar style approach to reading and arguing about texts, and its components: asking questions, answering questions, and evaluating those answers (and questions).

Cultivating Social Justice and Cultural Diversity in Harsh Climates

We do not live in a post-colonial era. Colonialism 1.0 has been upgraded to Colonialism 2.0. Explore the struggle to cultivate social justice and cultural diversity in harsh climates.


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