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Rock the Vote Democracy Class

Rock the Vote's Democracy Class is a one-period, civics education lesson plan that teaches high school students about the importance of voting, the history behind it, and registers them to vote. The program uses popular culture, video, a mock election, and classroom discussion to excite students about participating in our democracy and enable them to recognize the power that comes with voting.

Educators can download the materials needed to teach Democracy Class for free from

Was the Constitution Pro-Slavery? The Changing View of Frederick Douglass

By Robert Cohen
Many have questioned whether the document on which our nation is based sanctioned slavery. But renowned abolitionist Frederick Douglass, who originally condemned the Constitution, came to view it in a much different light.

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Understanding Antitrust Laws, Competition, the Economy, and Their Impact on Our Everyday Lives

The history of American antitrust laws, explored in this interview, can introduce students to the globalization of markets, trade, and legal governance
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House of Delegates Resolution

Increasing the Relevance: A Who Done It Mystery

This lesson describes a creative approach to teaching the judicial system with a simulated murder mystery.

Isn't Culturally Responsive Instruction Just Good Teaching?

Culturally responsive instruction that builds on students? home and community experiences can improve academic achievement and increase chances for success.

Integrating Literature and the Arts Using Internet Resources

The highlighted websites offer lesson plans, book lists, or other resources that can help teachers integrate literature and the arts into their social studies instruction.

Using Artifacts to Understand the Life of a Soldier in World War II

High school students in New Jersey practice artifact analysis and learn about soldier life in World War II when they interact with wartime relics, including medals, gas masks, ration coupons, and letters home.

The Reporter?s Privilege Under Fire: Is the American Press Still Free?

When students study the issue of reporter?s privilege they will understand why the courts and legislatures still struggle to define this protection, more than 150 years after the first American reporter was jailed for refusing to reveal a source.
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George Washington?s Printed Draft of the Constitution and Mike Wilkins?s Preamble

The featured artwork highlights the 52 words of the Preamble to the Constitution. The accompanying document shows, however, that these well known words underwent many changes before reaching their final form.
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